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Redbox is the leading place to rent movies and games. But do you know that all these rentals could be free with Redbox codes? Also, there are specific guidelines in place for using Redbox promo codes most efficiently.

This article will provide you in-depth knowledge and tips on usage of Redbox promotional codes. So, let us deal with the few fundamental questions.

How to get free Redbox promo codes?

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Every month Redbox is updating its promotional codes to get free DVD, Blu-ray & games on rental. Here is the updated list of working Redbox codes which are updated on a monthly basis. Also, you will come to know various ways of getting Redbox promotional codes via email or text message.

Other ways of getting Redbox free promo codes are by: –

  • Liking its Facebook page
  • Follow its Instagram account
  • Joining Redbox Play Pass
  • Downloading Redbox mobile app for the first time
  • Joining Redbox Text Club
  • Online Reserving movies on Redbox for the first time

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How can I redeem a Redbox promo code?

Not all promo codes can be used at Redbox Kiosks since there is also a Redbox online portal which accepts unique promotional codes while reserving movies or games. Either way, the reservation procedure is somewhat similar.

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First, you have to choose a DVD of your choice for rental purpose and add it to the cart. Then, you have to proceed to the checkout screen and touch or click “Add Promo” or “Rent with a promo code” option for entering the Redbox promo code. Finally, you have to provide the credit or debit card details and finish the payment process. Voila! You have just rented a free movie on Redbox.

Why do I have to provide my credit/debit card details while using Redbox promo code?

You have to be aware that movie rented with a Redbox promo code is free for the first night. Your debit/credit card details act as assurance in case you want to hold on to the rented movie for more than one night.

Can I use Redbox promo code more than once?

No. Mostly, you will be able to use Redbox code only once. So, once you use a Redbox promotional code, it gets tied up with your card details. But you must have seen a loophole here. Yes, you can use multiple cards with the same promo code as much as you can.

How long is the Redbox promo code valid?

Promo codes issued by the customer care is valid up to 45 days.

Can I use multiple Redbox codes at once?

No, you cannot apply different promotional codes at once. However, you can start the checkout process once again, with a different code, after you have redeemed a Redbox code.

How much will I be charged if I use a promo code?

If you are using the Redbox coupon code to rent a DVD, then you won’t be charged for the first night. Whereas, if you are looking to rent a Blu-ray disc or video game, then you will get the discount equivalent to the value of the Redbox promo code for the first night.

Will I be charged if I fail to return free Redbox movie on time?

As mentioned earlier, you need to provide your credit or debit card details even if you have a working free Redbox code. The code stands good for only one day. You will be charged movie rental amount for extra days if you fail to return the movie before 9:00 p.m. the next day.

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