Reseller Web Hosting – Everything that You Should Know

Are you someone who is looking to start a web hosting company but do not have the infrastructure to build one? Well, reseller web hosting, also known as white label hosting, could be the most convenient option where you could sell web hosting plan on behalf of a third-party company. Different web hosting providers sell it as a wholesale plan with disk space and bandwidth.

Based on your requirements or customer’s needs, you can either rent a dedicated server or reseller shared hosting services. Please note that this is not a typical web hosting plan and may not suit your personal needs for hosting a website. Instead, it is a simple business plan.


Moving ahead in this article we will deal with questions like what is reseller hosting plan, its major highlights, and benefits as a business owner.

What is reseller web hosting?

As the name suggests, you will be reselling the web hosting plan of a different company as your own with a custom branding of your own. The parent company will provide you required disk space and bandwidth to you based on your requirements.

Later, you can sell the allocated space to your customers based on their needs. Your customers may not even know the parent company details and will think you as the parent company. All in all, you will be making a decent amount of money at the end of this business proposition.

Opening a web hosting company could involve a lot of planning and money for building the complete infrastructure regarding data center, required hardware, software, and workforce.

Also, it may sound unnecessary if you only envision a few customers and do not want to get into the trouble of managing the whole backhand of web hosting services.

Reseller web hosting features

It is not just the disk space and bandwidth that would define everything involved in reseller web hosting. Some of the standard features that a white label hosting includes are –

  • Disk space – You will be able to choose a lump sum plan or pay as you add your customer. You can always increase the server resource based on how you grow over a period.
  • Bandwidth – Same goes for the bandwidth. Initially, you can purchase a specific bandwidth, and as soon as you exhaust the bandwidth limit, you can always top it up based on different available plans with the hosting company.
  • Private name servers – You require private name servers to create a brand for yourself. It would not look good if the name server belongs to the parent hosting company.
  • Domain hosting – You should have the option to sell domain names as any other hosting provider would do.
  • WHM billing software – It is required for efficiently managing billings to your customers.
  • Email account add-ons – Having email services is must for any hosting company. It is must have for any reseller hosting provider.
  • Control panel access – You want to have control panel access for backhand management. Also, it will help you to provide your customer with this access.
  • Programming & database – You should have access to all necessary programming & database tools such as Perl, Python, MySQL database, PHPMyAdmin, etc.

Who are all part of this business?

People like graphic designers, web site designers, developers, database programmers, digital marketing consultants, etc. are finding reseller web hosting as a great option to provide a complete package solution to the small or medium-sized business.

Benefits of reseller web hosting

Apart from making a few extra bucks out it, there are several benefits of reseller web hosting. Some of them are –

Expand your offerings

If you are a web developer or web designer, then it makes a lot of sense to provide a complete solution to your customers inclusive of features like hosting their website and domain. That way you can expand your offerings.

Usually, several small businesses avoid getting into the trouble of managing their sites and domain. They look for a complete solution inclusive of web design, web management, web hosting, etc.

A long-lasting relationship with the customer

A web hosting plan means recurring monthly or yearly payments. This will help in retaining customers for an extended period. A long engagement could probably fetch you even more job in the near future related to website development or management.

Also, the customer always loves to have one point contact for everything and white label hosting is precisely the same.

Profitable business proposition

Reseller web hosting may cost you $30 – $50 per month.  But, with a few customers on-board can cover up for the cost, and the whole setup may quickly turn out to be a profitable business proposition.


As I told you before that you will earn on a monthly or yearly recurring basis. This is vital for people who are into freelancing jobs. At least something will provide you financial assurance.

How to choose a white label hosting plan?

  • Make a list of companies offering reseller hosting plans.
  • You should know your possible customer base and their requirements with respect to disk space and bandwidth. Your plan will be primarily based on this information.
  • If you have no idea about your current or possible customers, then inquire if the hosting provider is having pay as you plan. In this plan, the hosting company will charge you as soon as you add one customer.
  • Know the parent company hosting uptime.
  • Dig out other features such as domain name, name server, email clients, etc.
  • Compare different plans and chose one which suits your needs.

Final words on reseller web hosting

Everything is said and done. But it is essential to look for a trustworthy and reliable hosting provider since your whole company is going to depend on that.


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