RiceGum Net Worth
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RiceGum, who rose to fame with the YouTube series “These Kids Must Be Stopped”, and also is known for his videos in which he criticises people through rap songs, comedy skits and other random entertainment is worth $2.5 million. He has earned millions of followers in social media and is one of the rarest YouTuber who has reached Billboard 100. RiceGum also earns his additional revenue by selling his merchandise online.

Early Life

Bryan Quang Le, popularly known by his YouTube RiceGum was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, both of his parents are from Vietnam.

RiceGum attended Sierra Vista High School. He then went to the University of Nevada but dropped out of college in 2016 to focus on his YouTube career. He turned down a Harvard Scholarship to continue is YouTube Channel.


RiceGum initially posted his video on YouTube in 2012 as a gamer, recording himself playing Call of Duty. He slowly earned millions of views, and by 2014 he began to upload Major League Gaming videos.

Eventually, he became famous for uploading a series called “These Kids Must Be Stopped” on YouTube, in which he criticised kids from the app Musical.ly.

He is also widely popular for his “Content Cop” series which received about 30 million views and over 1.7 million likes and also was trending in multiple countries. On the downside, he also lost around 50,000 subscribers due to controversy in Content Cop, yet slowly returned to normal subscribers’ growth.

Some of his videos that were trending and went viral include I Mailed Myself in a Box and it Worked, God Church, I Didn’t hit her, and It’s Every Night Sis.

From video games to Musicl.ly, RiceGum also moved to rapping, and one of his diss tracks even made it to #80 on the Billboard Hot 100, making him one of the very few YouTube personalities to reach the Billboard 100.

In 2017, RiceGum became the member of CloutGang, a collaborative group of California-based social media phenomenon which came together in response to Jake Paul’s Team 10. The other members include Social media fame Alissa violet, FaZe Rug, Ricky Banks, Sommer Ray, Ugly God, Carrington Durham and Amar Koomz.

RiceGum is YouTube sensation with over 10 million subscribers and over 1.6 billion views.

RiceGum also sells his merchandise online to earn his additional revenue.


Doing what he does, RiceGum surely is not free of controversies. In one of his videos in the series “These kids Must be Stopped”, he targeted fellow YouTuber Gabbi Hanna and took the insults too far. In one of her videos, Hanna even stated that RiceGum physically assaulted her, which gained public attention.

He was also involved in a controversy when he roasted a ten-year-old singer Alabama Parker, stating that her actions on her video are not appropriate for her age and also went on to criticise her lifestyle and upbringing. This enraged her parents after several measures were taken against him, and the video got eventually removed.

RiceGum Net Worth

The net worth of the YouTube fame is around $2.5 million as of 2018. RiceGum became widely-known for his YouTube videos and is making in millions from advertisements and per-views. He also earns his additional income from his online merchandise store, where he sells his T-shirt within a range of $25-$45 each.

He recently bought a huge mansion which is about 12,500 sq. ft in Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles. The house has ten bedrooms and 13 bathrooms.

RiceGum is a proud owner of Mercedes Benz S550.


In 2012, RiceGum entered into a partnership with Machinima, a next-generation video entertainment network for the gamer lifestyle.

He also appeared on Monster Products commercial.


RiceGum is known for his Diss Tracks, and who took up a career in YouTube for criticising people, especially kids. Though his mother wanted him to be a doctor, the avid gamer developed an interest in creating a career online which gave him both satisfaction and attention.

RiceGum is just 21 now and is already living a lavish lifestyle. Let’s hope that his growth and fame continues in the future and wish him the best in all his endeavours.