Known for Neon Icon & Peach Panther: Riff Raff Net Worth is $6M


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Riff Raff, the American rapper who is known for his albums Neon Icon and Peach Panther, is worth $6 million. Riff Raff is all set to expand his horizon into TV shows as well, and apart from his concert tours and music sales, he also rakes in millions from the endorsement deals. The rising star, who began a career by distributing his CDs at the colleges and malls, is known for his determination and it is no surprise he has reached a great level already.

Early Life

Horst Christian Simco, popularly known by his stage name Riff Raff was born in Houston, Texas, U.S. Riff Raff, the second of four siblings was an avid basketball player. Growing up, he played basketball with other children in the neighbourhood.

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His family later moved to nearby Stone Creek where he attended Langham Creek High School. He was shooting the guard on his school’s basketball team. He then attended Hibbing Community College, Hibbing, Minnesota where he majored in liberal arts. However, he felt out of place in Minnesota and dropped out of college and went back to Houston.


Riff Raff initially found a job where he painted cars and eventually moved to Los Angeles. He started rapping in 2005, and also started making homemade CDs and passed them out at various malls in Houston.

By 2008, Riff Raff decided to take the aid of social media like Myspace, YouTube, and WorldStarHipHop in which he released songs, freestyle videos and sketch clips. Riff Raff spent most of the initial years in distributing his CDs at colleges and malls.

To get more recognition, he went to many auditions to get on television. When nothing worked out, he flew to Atlanta to try out for MTV’s reality show From G’s to Gets.

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Even though he was eliminated in the program’s second season, he left an impact on the audience for his extravagant dressing style which helped him boost his career.

He was soon recognized and initially became the member of the rap group “Three Loco,” along with Andy Milonakis and Dirt Nasty.

Till date, Riff Raff has released four studio albums including Neon Icon which peaked at # 4 in the US Rap chart and at #6 at the US R&B chart and Peach Panther, which peaked at #3 in the US Rap chart and at #5 in the US R&B chart.

He also released an extended play “Trench Coat Towers” in 2015. He has also released about 19 mixtapes and 16 singles. Some of his famous works include Never Ending Saturday, Rookie of the Future, Trick or Treat, Freestyle Scientist, Aquaberry Aquarius, Tiger Woods, Ace of Space, Dolce and Gabbana, Tip Toe Wing in My Jawwdinz, Spazz Out and Carlos.

Riff Raff has also collaborated with other artists like Action Bronson, Ghetty, Lil Debbie and Dolla Bill Gates for his singles including Hot Shots Part Deux, Leaninnn, Brain Freeze and Gotta Get Away.

Riff Raff has made cameo appearances in movies and TV Shows like From G’s to Gents, One Life to Live, Wild ‘ Out, Major Lazer and The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars.


In 2013 Riff Raff was arrested after the police found an open container of alcohol, marijuana, another unspecified illegal substance and drug paraphernalia in his vehicle.

Riff Raff Net Worth

The net worth of the rapper is $6 million. He has a vast collection of diamonds studded jewellery, the total worth of which exceeds $500,000. Riff Raff has also signed numerous endorsement deals. With the increasing fame and his future projects to appear on TV shows, will increase his net worth in the coming years.

House and cars

Riff Raff lives in his Las Vegas mansion which he purchased for $1.5 million. He named the mansion “The Codeline Castle” and it has a purple pool, patio, five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a basketball court and a weightlifting room.

Riff Raff has had some expensive cars including a Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and Porsche Panamera 911.


Riff Raff evidently endorses several brands including iSlides, Monster Energy, Smoke Token, The Sole Assassin and Tryke Companies.


Riff Raff founded “Riff Raff Society” in 2011 as an unregistered charity, which gained full charitable status by 2017. He hosts several charity events and even raises funds to aid people who are facing challenging situations about ill health/disability or any other relevant misfortune.

Riff Raff is known to be one of the most ambitious music artists in the country. Though it took him over five years to be recognized, he never gave up and kept trying to become what he is today. Now with the established fan base and successful albums and tracks, the 36-year-old who is currently working on numerous projects, is expected to grow bigger.

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