Quiz – Are You on a Right Track to Lose Weight?

We all yearn to acquire the ideal weight. But maintaining and obtaining it is a tedious task. And our present lifestyle serves as an add-on hurdle. We all try different methods to stay fit and active.

Weight loss can be challenging but isn’t impossible to attain. Once we put ourselves into an appropriate routine, it’s no more a difficult task.


Here is a quiz based on weight loss to help you learn something useful related to it.


1. Is it possible to have a significant weight loss by exercising daily and making no changes in diet?


A person can lose weight if he/she exercises daily, but if they are not altering their diet and consuming the same amount of calories then significant changes may not be observed as there is a possibility that the amount of calories consumed is more or equal as in comparison to the calories burned.

2. We need to burn calories for weight loss. Which activities among the following helps in burning calories?


Did you know that even brain activity consumes some calories? So, it is time to think and burn calories. But do not overthink, overthinking is harmful to health. Deep breathing also helps to burn some calories, and even there are breathing exercises for weight loss. The process of food digestion also consume some calories.

3. All the body movements known to be the physical activities helps in burning calories?


Household chores or climbing the stairs, all such activities are counted as physical activity. Yes, they do burn calories but, in a minimal amount.


4. Diets that help in rapid weight loss are referred to as fad diets. Do you think that fad diets are a good way to lose weight?


Yes! You heard it correct. Fad diets can produce quick results but, simultaneously they can cause health problems. These are not scientifically proven methods. Moreover, they are just a temporary solution for reducing weight. But! But! That doesn't mean that every fad diet has a negative impact. Some fad diets work.

5. How many minutes should a person exercise in a week for effective weight loss?


There was a study conducted by “Medicine and science in sports and Exercise” which stated that a person should exercise for 225 to 400 minutes for effective weight loss.

6. There is two major kind of exercises- anaerobic and aerobic exercise. Exercises that involve repetitive or large usage of muscle are known as..


Aerobic exercise is also termed as Endurance Exercises. Anaerobic exercises are those which involve a short but intense burst of activities.


7. Which among the following is an example of anaerobic exercise?


Anaerobic exercises are short, intense exercises. Hence, sprinting is the correct answer. Jogging and cycling are an example of aerobic exercise.

8. Which among the following has a direct impact on weight loss?


Aerobic exercises rely on the continuous flow of oxygen for energy. This can be one of the reasons for aerobic exercise to put a direct impact on weight loss. Moreover, according to the American College of Sports Medicine aerobic exercise has a direct impact over weight loss.

9. Did you know that drinking excessive alcohol can prevent weight loss as it a high-calorie drink? What amount of calories are contained by a glass of red wine?


If you are a fitness freak then you should strictly prohibit yourself from binge drinking. If taken occasionally Alcohol does not prevent weight loss. But regular drinking can hinder this process. According to some facts and figures 12-ounce beer contains around 153 calories.


10. Even sugary drinks can suppress weight loss. Which among the following can be a reason for the sugary drink to affect weight loss?


Sugary drinks are high in calories and are not hunger satisfying due to which they are consumed in a larger quantity preventing weight loss.

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