Everything You Must Know About Same Day Dental Implants

Often, people have to wait for a new set of teeth, which can lead to embarrassment and socially inactive life. Moreover, it is annoying to wait so long for tooth replacements. This is the reason why same day dental implants were invented to meet the needs of the patients. Same day dental implants conveniently cut down the waiting period.

Unlike traditional implants, same day dental implants involve placement of the implant and attachment of a temporary crown over it. It is mainly done for aesthetic purposes. Additionally, the patient can eat and speak properly until he gets a permanent dental crown.


Usually, healthy individuals with no history of smoking, chronic disease, or hygiene issues are ideal for same day dental implant placement. However, it is best to discuss with the dentist before undergoing the procedure. Today’s article will highlight the features of the same day dental implant. Furthermore, we will discuss the procedure and its benefits or risk factors.

What are same day dental implants?

Same day dental implants, also known as immediately loaded implants, are typically placed for aesthetic purposes. Additionally, they also maintain the functionality of the mouth by allowing the individual to eat and speak properly. (1)

Usually, traditional implants take about a week or more for proper planning. Furthermore, it takes around 3-6 months for conventional implants to heal and get a dental crown. Same day implants cut down the waiting period and provide instant tooth replacement.

Who can get same day dental implants?

It is essential to undergo dental screening before choosing same day dental implants. However, an ideal candidate for same day implants is a healthy person who fits the following criteria –

  • No habit of smoking
  • No bruxism
  • No hygiene issues (2)
  • No chronic diseases
  • No signs of autoimmune disease

Same day dental implants are not ideal for people with diabetes and bone disorders such as osteoporosis and Paget’s disease.

What are the benefits of same day dental implants?

Same day dental implants come with several benefits such as –

  • The process is less time-consuming – it may take one to a few visits for same day implant placement as compared to the traditional implants.
  • Same day implants usually get crown on the same day giving a natural smile appearance. Unlike traditional implants, the patient doesn’t have to wait for long to get tooth replacement with a dental crown. Therefore they are aesthetically pleasing. (3)
  • As the crown is placed immediately on the implant, the gums remodel around the prosthesis. This makes the fitting even better than the traditional dental restoration.
  • The patient can speak and eat properly in contrast to traditional implants, where the lack of dental crown can cause loss of functionality and aesthetics.


Some of the risks associated with same day implants are listed below –

  • Risk of failure – one of the common reasons for implant failure is its instability and mobility. Therefore, it is essential to get same day implants from specialized dental professionals.
  • Only healthy people with good bone strength and those who meet the criteria for same day implants are suitable for this treatment (4)
  • Every surgical procedure comes with a set of complications. In this case, it may include infection of the jaw bone, post-surgical pain, and gum disease.


A dentist carefully examines and evaluates the dental condition of the patient. Moreover, x-ray studies and CT scans to aid in determining the success of the implant. Usually, the same day implant placement is performed in the following way –

  • The dentist first numbs the surgical site in the mouth.
  • Using the guide, the surgeon carefully places the implant post into the jawbone.
  • Once the implant is fixed, and the dentist is satisfied with its fit, the temporary dental crown is placed over the implant. (5)
  • Follow-up appointments monitor the success of the treatment. Moreover, the temporary crown can be replaced with a permanent one in the follow-up appointments.

Usually, the patient may feel some pain and discomfort post-treatment. This can be managed by using prescribed medications. Moreover, hot and cold compressions can help to control the swelling that may occur after the surgery.


The cost of treatment for same day dental implants varies from person to person. However, on average, the cost of same day dental implants may range between $3000 – $30,000 per tooth. This includes the price of a dental crown. (6)

Usually, some insurance may cover the cost of the same day implant. However, it is best to contact your insurance provider. Moreover, you can ask your dentist for discount plans.

Take away message

Same day dental implants are the quickest dental tooth replacements that one can get as compared to traditional dental implants. Ideally, this procedure is performed for healthy individuals who do not have a chronic disease, hygiene issues, and smoking habit.

Same day dental implants provide a wide range of benefits including, natural-looking smile, ability to chew and speak properly. Moreover, the gum tissues remodel around the dental crown eliminating the risk of gum disease.


Although there are several benefits of a same day implant, it also has some disadvantages. The same day implant is a surgical procedure that may have a risk of implant failure, post-treatment pain, and discomfort. It is best to always consult your dentist about the dental procedure and its suitability for your case. Moreover, ask them for discount plans to cut down the cost of treatment.


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