Quiz – Astrology – The Science of Zodiac Signs – Do They Interest You?


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Astrology is a pseudoscience which is based on the relative position of celestial objects like planets and stars and claims to predict so many things of the future. It has primarily 12 zodiac signs which are derived from 12 constellations, also known as stars of the zodiac.

Astrology can predict your nature, future events, health, love life and what not. Sounds interesting! After all who does not want to have an insight into the future. Here is a quiz based on Zodiac signs. Can you answer them?

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1. Each of the 12 zodiac signs is related to one of the four elements, namely Air, Water, Fire, Earth. Do you know which among the following is not a sign for the earth?


2. The four elements (Air, Water, Fire, Earth) represent the kind of energy present in the human and are linked to a particular zodiac sign. Which elements sign is Scorpio?


3. Zodiac sign of a person is determined based on their birthdate and month. What is the zodiac sign of the people who are born between March 21 to April 19?


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4. Capricorns belong to the Earth sign and so, interestingly, they are usually considered as down to earth people. Can you guess the horoscope date of Capricorns?


5. According to Chinese astrology, every zodiac sign is related to some animal. Can you identify which animal spirit does Aquarius have?


6. In Chinese astrology, ‘Rat’ is the animal sign of which zodiac sign?



7. Your zodiac sign is Virgo if you are born between August 24th to September 23rd. Virgo is ruled by which planet?


8. The power color of this zodiac sign is light blue and silver. This zodiac is ruled by the planet Saturn and Uranus. Can you guess it?


9. The ruler planet for the Leo sign is ‘sun’. From the seven days of the week, which day is considered to be a lucky day for Leos?



10. The lucky numbers of this zodiac sign are five and twenty-three and the lucky day is Wednesday. Can you name this zodiac sign?


Quiz - Astrology : The Science of Zodiac Signs. Do They Interest You?

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Bravo!! You know so much about zodiac sign. Are you motivated to find more? Head to quiz section on Stemjar for more such information.
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Good one!! You know so much about zodiac sign. Are you motivated to find more? Head to quiz section on Stemjar for more such information.
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You should know more about zodiac sign. Afterall they can predict your nature, future events, health, love life and what not. Are you motivated to find more? Head to quiz section on Stemjar for more such information.

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