What to Look for While Selecting Dental Products?

Picking up the right dental product for yourself can be quite confusing. There are several brands and modifications of every dental product available in the market.

Some people think that if the product is expensive, it must be excellent. They tend to spend a lot of money buying the wrong product for themselves.


From various styles of a toothbrush to different flavors of toothpaste and mouthwash, it becomes tough to choose between products especially when you don’t have the knowledge.

So, what should you know before selecting a dental product?

To maintain good oral hygiene, you need to have basic knowledge about dental products.

A good idea about the right type of toothbrush, toothpaste that fulfills your dental requirements and additional aids like mouthwash and floss, will help you to maintain your healthy smile.

Let’s quickly move forward to understand the correct specifications of dental products. These tips will make your selection easy and practical.

How to select a toothbrush?

There are different sizes and designs of toothbrush available in the market today. It’s tough and confusing to decide which one to buy.

Here are a few tips to remember while selecting the right toothbrush for yourself –

  • Every dentist recommends a soft bristled brush. Soft bristles are best in removing food debris and plaque from the surface of the teeth without abrading the tooth structure. (1)
  • Selection for the size of the head in a toothbrush may vary from person to person. A toothbrush with the small head will easily reach all the areas of the mouth including the back of the teeth.
  • Pick the size and shape of a toothbrush that is more comfortable for you. It should easily fit in your mouth and allow you to access all the areas of the teeth.
  • Although anyone can use powered toothbrushes, they are a good choice for people who have difficulty in brushing. Powered brushes can do an excellent cleaning in people who have limited manual dexterity.
  • An important aspect that is seldom overlooked is the condition of the toothbrush after use. Old and worn out toothbrush lose the ability to clean the teeth efficiently. They harm the surrounding gums. To avoid this, you should replace your toothbrush every three months or as soon as it wears out.
  • Selecting the best toothbrush for your child is essential. A wrong type of toothbrush can harm the gums and the teeth of your child. Special infant toothbrush can be used for babies. The best toothbrush for children is the one with a small head and soft nylon bristles. (2)

Which toothpaste is best for you?

Toothpaste that contains fluoride is the best to use unless your dentist recommends another toothpaste for you.

Fluoride helps in remineralizing the tooth structure and strengthens the enamel.

If you are allergic to fluoride or have any medical condition, take advice from your dentist and physician to choose a suitable toothpaste for yourself. (3)

Flavor of toothpaste is the prime factor while selecting a toothpaste for your child. Look for a toothpaste that contains fluoride within the permissible range for children.

In addition to this, pick the toothpaste that provides a good flavor.

Selection of toothpaste may sometimes vary according to your dental needs. If you want to whiten your teeth, look for a teeth whitening toothpaste.

Toothpaste specially formulated to treat sensitivity can help you to get rid of your tooth sensitivity.

Mouthwash Vs. mouth rinse

Many people don’t understand the difference between mouthwash and a mouth rinse. These two products are entirely different from one another.

  • A mouthwash in most cases contains alcohol unless specified as alcohol-free. Mouthwash does not contain fluoride. The purpose of mouthwash is to freshen your breath and remove plaque if they hold anti-bacterial property. (4)
  • Mouth rinses specifically contain fluoride to protect the teeth from the bacterial acid attack and prevent cavity formation. (5)

Always check the label before you buy a mouthwash or a mouth rinse. Mouthwash that contains alcohol is not recommended for use in children below six years of age.

Which type of dental floss should you buy?

Dental floss is the most critical dental product. It reaches the inaccessible areas between the teeth and cleans them thoroughly.

Floss in today’s market is available in a variety of forms and coatings.

People who find it difficult to floss manually can pick floss holders. Floss holders make flossing easy and efficient. They are an excellent choice for children.

Everyone should floss at least once in a day. A proper technique will help to clean the teeth efficiently. You should follow the below steps carefully while flossing your teeth –

  • Place the floss around your index and middle fingers
  • Gently Pass the floss between your teeth and make a C shape around each surface
  • Use a push-pull or up-down motion to remove the plaque around the gum line and between the teeth

Why should you buy a water irrigation device?

Water irrigation devices act like a floss as they are useful in cleaning food debris and plaque which get stuck in between teeth.

Water irrigation devices are best suited for children or adults with braces or any orthodontic appliance.

This device can quickly clean the areas that may be difficult to access due to the presence of wires and brackets on the surface of the tooth. (6)

Water irrigation devices have clinically shown a decrease in bleeding, plaque accumulation, and gingivitis.

Take away message

Selecting the right dental product may sometimes be tricky and confusing. But the proper knowledge and a good idea about a specific product can make this process quick and easy.


Now that you’ve read about the different aspects of selecting a particular dental product, don’t be overwhelmed the next time you go to buy it.

Always reflect on your dental needs and decide what is best for you.

You can take advice from your dentist to recommend the best type of toothpaste or mouthwash or any dental product that may suit your specific needs.


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