Shopping List App


The Idea

The whole idea of creating this web-based grocery list app is to provide the user with an easy option of creating a shopping list before he/she goes shopping. These days, shopping could be a tiring experience if you do not have a categorized list with you. 

This web-based shopping list is a simple yet intelligent shopping list. Here are a few instructions for making things easier for you.


  • This is a web-based grocery list app or shopping list app that does not require a user to sign-in.
  • This shopping list app is based on cookies. Once you create the shopping list, the list will remain as is until you delete the web browser history and cookies. Read our privacy policy for cookies information.
  • Since there is no sign-in facility, you cannot open the created shopping list from a different device or web browser.
  • You can save the URL on your smartphone home screen. After you open the URL on the iPhone or iPad, you can click share symbol on Google Chrome or Safari. Look for the option “Add to Home Screen” and click it.
  • We are still working on this grocery list app and in the near future, you will see the improved version.
  • Still, if you have any queries or suggestions, please reach out to us via contact us page.

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