Quiz – Sleep & Dream Interesting Facts. How Many You Know?

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Sleep is a natural phenomenon that relaxes the mind and body. But do you know hormones and dreams can affect your sleep?

While unbalanced hormones can cause sleep disorders, dreams are a natural process when we sleep, and they can be meaningful sometimes. There is so much to know about sleep. Indeed! It is intriguing.


Here is an interesting quiz, play to find how much you know about sleep.


1. When you are asleep, your brain is also asleep. True or False?


Quite an obvious answer. isn't it? The brain does not sleep when you are sleeping. In fact, it sorts the information of your day and stores it. So actually it is working more!

2. Which among the following is also called "Hormone of darkness"?


Epinephrine is the adrenaline hormone. Melatonin is also called the ‘hormone of darkness’ as it is responsible for regulating the body’s circadian rhythm. Endorphins is one of the hormones listed under the happiness hormones. Amylin is also called Islet Amyloid Polypeptide. It is responsible for inhibition of digestive secretion

3. Who are the most affected age group by sleep apnea?


Though it can happen to any age group but is more commonly observed in Middle-aged men.

4. Which hormone among the following can affect our sleep?


Estrogen is primarily is a female sex hormone, whose low level causes menopause and weight gain. Adrenaline plays a significant role in body Flight and Fight response. It is a neurotransmitter. High level of melatonin helps you stay asleep. Estrogen though primarily responsible for menopause but can also affect sleep orders indirectly because of the menopause symptoms which include mood swings, hot flushes.

5. Which of these is a sleep disorder in the context of dreams?


Lucid dreaming is conscious dreaming. You may find it interesting that there are techniques through which one can control their dreams. Dream in black and white is not a sleeping disorder, and this is not anyway related to sleep problems. REM is a sleeping disorder. In the state of REM (rapid-eye-movement) stage of your sleep, your body is typically paralyzed. In rare cases, however, people act out their dreams. The brain is more active during the sleep time as it is busy in sorting and storing your day's information and that is why sometimes you dream about things you did before your sleep or whatever you may have given a thought to, the previous day. This is just natural processing of the body, no disorder.

6. Is music a good source to acquire sleep?


A piece of soothing music is assistive in providing a peaceful sleep. Many people prefer to listen to some low volume, soothing music before they go to bed. This is relaxing to the brain and prevents one from creating a lot of thoughts.

7. What type of music genre is preferable for sleeping?


One needs to listen to some soothing music during sleep. Pop and hip hop music are energetic and loud so does not go well with sleep. One should go for classical music which is slow and soothing. Read more at best sleep music.

8. Which among the following doesn’t dream?


Though blind people can't see, but that doesn't stop them from dreaming. They still has the capability to dream! May be it could be a little shocking discovery that the animals can also dream. Moreover, there had been cases where people have recited their dream after they recovered from coma.

9. How much percent of your dreams are you likely to forget?


We do not forget our every dream. But 90% fly out of your memory within 10 minutes after you wake up.

Sleep & Dream Interesting Facts. How Many You Know?

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