Are You Sleeping on the Floor Mattress? Know the Pros & Cons

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Have you been thinking of sleeping on the floor mattress?  Are you wondering if it is a wise idea? Let us discuss the various pros and cons of this sleeping arrangement to help you make an informed decision.


There may be various reasons why people may want to sleep on the floor mattress. Sometimes there is not enough space to fit a bed, in other cases, it is a temporary arrangement when you have guests over.


Budget is a constraint in some cases, while many times people simply prefer this arrangement for health reasons. Let us look at the benefits of sleeping on a mattress on the floor:

1. Cost-effective

When you place your mattress on the floor, you avoid the cost of the bed, so this has to be the most obvious benefit. If you have budget constraints and you want to buy a good quality mattress, you can simple shelve the plan to buy a bed and use the entire amount on the mattress of your choice.

2. Better sleeping position

When you sleep on a mattress without any extra cushioning from the box spring, your body retains its natural curvature. When there is no extra cushioning, our body adapts and redistributes pressure all around the surface area of the mattress. This redistribution of weight helps keep our body free from aches and pains.

3. Better blood circulation

Many people prefer to sleep on the mattress on the floor as they believe it will improve their overall blood circulation. Sleeping on the floor can also give relief from back and neck pain.

Scoliosis, a condition where the spine develops an unnatural curve, occurs much lesser in people who sleep with their mattresses on the floor.

4. Cooler air

When you sleep closer to the floor, you get access to colder air. The higher your sleeping position, the warmer the air will be. Many of us wake up during the night when it gets too warm in the bed.

You can avoid waking up in the night due to sweating by sleeping on the mattress on the floor.

5. Can be motivational

Changing the way you sleep can be motivational for improving other aspects of your life. When you open up your mind to doing things differently, you can make positive changes in other parts of your like your work.

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Now that we have discussed the advantages of sleeping on a mattress on the floor don’t be in a hurry to get your bed out of your room just yet. Any change comes with its disadvantages as well.

It is essential to understand the various problems of sleeping on the floor before you make any changes in your sleeping habits. Here are the different disadvantages of sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

1. Exposure to dust and dust mites

Sleeping with your mattress on the ground will expose you to dust and dust mites. This problem can become even worse if you have pets. Exposure to dust can cause breathing problems like asthma and can lead to allergies.

To avoid this, you must regularly clean the floor and your mattress. Vacuuming before you go to sleep will help.

2. Not suitable for side sleepers

Sleeping on the side with your mattress on the floor can be very uncomfortable. The increased pressure will cause discomfort to your shoulder and hips. So, if you want to sleep on the floor, change your sleeping position to sleeping on your back or your stomach.

You can also purchase a memory foam mattress topper to improve your sleep experience.

3. Dampness and mould issues

When the mattress is placed on the floor, the air circulation will get restricted. When we sleep, the moisture from our sweat and breath will get trapped inside the mattress.

Over time, a layer of mould will get formed inside the mattress.  This can be very unhygienic and can even cause allergic reactions.

4. Bedbugs and other insects

When your mattress is placed on the floor, it gives easy access to bedbugs and other insects like spiders and beetles. So, unless you want to share your mattress with creepy crawlies, it is better to avoid sleeping on the floor.

5. Exposure to cold

Sleeping on your mattress on the floor is not a very good idea during winters. You will not be able to sleep comfortably when the mattress is resting on a cold surface. Exposure to cold air can cause harm to your lungs.



Changing your sleeping habits is easier said than done. But if you can make this change, you may benefit from it. Many people who have shifted to sleeping on the floor mattress have benefited from it.

According to them, it has improved their quality of sleep and reduced their aches and pains. So, go on and give sleeping on your mattress on the floor a try. You can always go back to sleeping in your bed if it doesn’t work out for you.


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