SMDH Meaning and Definition

SMDH is the alternate acronym for the slang SMH. The only difference between them is the addition of the D. SMDH is the abbreviated term for the phrase Shaking My Damn Head. It is an aggressive abbreviation. The acronym is used when the amount of disappointment is so high that smh is not enough, you got to shake your damn head.

The acronym is very famous as a caption on most Instagram pictures of the people. But it is also seen in the form of hashtags, status updates and even photo statuses on WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media applications.


Alternate words for SMDH

  1. SMH- Shaking My Head
  2. SMFH- Shaking My F****** Head
  3. SMGDH- Shaking My God Damn Head
  4. SMHID- Shaking My Head In Despair
  5. SMHL- Shaking My Head Laughing
  6. /O\- Frustrated, hands on head

Alternate meanings of SMDH

  1. Shake My Damn Head
  2. Santa Maria Design House
  3. Shaking My Damned Head
  4. Shake My Dumb Head
  5. Serious Men Desire Hugs

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After the acronym SMH rose to popularity in 2010, SMDH came out as a way to say the same acronym with a different intensity. This made reacting to things much more comfortable since there are situations that have varying strengths of disappointment.

The one situation, which is also the most common situation, where we can use this acronym is to express disappointments. It could be anything that you did not expect will happen. It is like you knew it would go down and try your best to avoid it, but it eventually happens.

Another situation where you can use is when you encounter something saddening and has moved you beyond a certain point. It is a feeling that is usually accompanied by regret, hurt and pain. You can SMDH till you gain your composure back.

It can be used to express your disgust as well. This can be a situation where you catch your most reliable household help, cheating from your cupboard or your best friend not inviting you for their promotion party. The amount of disgust determines how hard it has hit you and how hard the SMDH will come.

Either way, the acronym is mainly used in the form of the negative emotion that you gave words to.


Example 1:

Person 1: when can you return the money? Its been one month already!


Person 2: can you give me one more week to arrange?

Person 1: SMDH

Example 2:

Person 1: When is your submission?

Person 2: tomorrow.

Person 1: are you done?

Person 2: Nope. SMDH.


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