SnagFilms Review

SnagFilms is an on-demand video service which features advertiser-supported free online movies & TV shows. It has a unique collection of films which can interest various sect of people having different taste and likes in cinema.

This article will cover the exciting aspects of SnagFilms and provide you with a thorough review.

SnagFilms website interface

I loved the overall look of SnagFilms website. The background is black and in a way, makes all the movies and shows tiles shine in the dark. Everything is nicely designed and even a minute detail is visible. You can sneak peek into movie description by hovering your mouse cursor over it.

The site has minimum options for you to click. There are only five menu items like Home, Movies, Shows, Search and Login. Your browsing experience remains focused and in turn, saves a lot of time. You do not need an account for watching any online content on SnagFilms.

Categories of movies and TV shows

SnagFilms has a collection of more than 10,000 movies. All these films are grouped in different genres such as Documentary, Cult Classics, History, Crime, Animation, Horror, Short Films, Action, Science and environment, Biography, Thrillers, military and war, Health and food, LGBT, and more.

I must say, the collection is amazingly informative and entertaining. If you are a sportsperson, then you have a dedicated movie category called “Sports”. Similarly, there is a “Music” category for music lovers. I am sure you cannot find such creative collection anywhere else.

However, if you are looking for movies like Top Gun, Terminator, Shutter Island, etc., then I recommend you visit other video streaming websites such as Crackle, Yidio, TubiTV, Viewster, etc.

There are also a few categories of exciting TV shows. Some of these shows are popular and directly taken from channels like National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild. The genres are again named interestingly as Guilt-Free TV, Guilty Pleasures, TV Badasses, World history, and more.

Video quality

Now, this is one area where SnagFilms stands out in comparison to other video streaming services. You can find high-resolution videos with 780p and 1080p resolution. However, the quality of the video will adjust per your internet speed.

Video player options

The video player on SnagFilms enables you to do only necessary things like volume adjustment, full-screen mode, video scrubbing and 15 seconds backward option. I did miss features like subtitles/close caption and opportunity to change video resolution.

SnagFilms Video Player Options

As mentioned earlier, you do not need to sign up for watching any of its video collection. Although, I recommend you create your account if you want to visit this website more often. You can add movies or shows in the queue for watching them later.

You can find video description below the video player. SnagFilms will provide a list of recommended videos based on your selection. And if you liked any movie then you can share with your friends and family via Facebook and Twitter button.

Ad experience

SnagFilms is a free service, and it goes without mention that you will encounter Ads while you watch any video on its website or application. But I did not experience a lot of advertisements. Compared to any other similar services, the ads on SnagFilms are not overkilling.

Video buffering experience with SnagFilms

I played several movies on SnagFilms, and I did not face many issues with video buffering. Most of the time, buffering depends mostly on your internet connection and I always suggest minimum 1Mbps for a decent experience.

Video with a higher resolution, like 780p and 1080p, did give me a tough time. Whereas, DVD quality movies were flawlessly buffered. I did not find any option to change the video resolution, which is kind of a letdown to me.

SnagFilms application is available on different platforms

SnagFilms has free movie app for various platforms like Apple app store, Google Play, Windows 8, XBOX 360, ROKU, Amazon Kindle, Smart TV, etc. I found the experience on its app similar to what I had on its website. Having said that application is meant for smartphone and provide you with a better experience than a site on the same device.

SnagFilms supported platforms

Here also, you can watch videos without signing in. You can find all category of movies and shows.