What does SOS mean?

This acronym is not a very common text lingo when it comes to the famous list of abbreviations, but this one can undoubtedly save your life. SOS also comprises of two phrases that are similar somewhere. This slang is the abbreviated term for the phrases – Save Our Souls and Save Our Ship.

Despite it having two different phrases, Save Our Souls is the one that is used the most on texting apps especially WhatsApp, Hike, Snapchat and Facebook messenger too. It is also a favourite status update and can be very helpful in hard times.


Origin of SOS

SOS or S.O.S cannot be even considered an acronym entirely. It initially was invented by Germans in the form of Morse code in 1905 through a set of wireless radio regulations to send a message. The whole idea was to signify the message and make sure it stood out of the other unimportant messages.

S.O.S in Morse code translates to three dots, three dashes and then three dots (…—…).  Other countries came up with other forms of Morse codes that only their nation would understand.

But as time flew, it started getting very inconvenient for everyone. And if any ship would be stuck, it had no ways to communicate back. So, for everyone’s convenience, they named it SOS. Now you can quickly send in an SOS signal without any worries.

Usage of S.O.S as Save Our Souls

“S.O.S” this acronym has been made famous by one of the longest-running and super popular TV series Pretty Little Liars. The show witnesses the five main characters using this abbreviation when there is danger lurking, and they need saving. It is also the signal for grouping up to them.

Save our souls is nothing but a way of reaching out for help during an emergency. You will find a lot of SOS signboards with phones on the highways to help the people in need. By sending out an SOS signal, you are letting the other person know that you are seriously not okay or injured and they should come to your aid.


Example 1:

Person 1: Dude. SOS

Person 2: Stay under the bed! I’m coming.

Example 2:

Person 1: S.O.S call the police.

Person 2: on it! 

Usage of SOS as Save Our Ship

SOS here is used by sailors, fishers or the navy while on the sea. This acronym in this situation is used to send out a signal to the control room when they have lost their way or are in grave danger. The signs are sent out usually through the radio or with the use of smoke guns that give out the coloured light.



Example 1:

Person 1: This is Captain Rogers, its an SOS situation. Over.

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