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SoundClick is both a music social networking site and a legal & trustworthy place to download soundtracks for free.

Artists use this platform to share their music directly with the fans and listeners. Their tracks are available to download for free and are majorly used by people looking to either listen to new music or YouTubers looking for background music, artists looking to download some beats or instrumentals for their composed songs.

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Let’s check out the platform and see how good does the SoundClick review turn out to be.

We will rate the site on the parameters of:

  • Website Experience
  • Music Library
  • Music Quality

You can also check out some other similar sites to download free music such as NoiseTrade, PureVolume, FMA, Internet Archive, etc.

Website Experience

The website still has an old look which is quite unattractive as compared to Jamendo or any such types.

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I also didn’t like the way modules show up, and the way headings are written. Some small changes such as making the headings in upper case, or providing the sub-categories when you hover over a category in Menu, etc. could make it look slightly better.

Moving on, in the menu bar you can edit your profile or create one by clicking on My Soundclick. You can create your profile using your Facebook ID too.

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There is a list of featured bands/artists provided on the homepage, along with various member profiles, communities, music genres, blogs, etc.

They’ve also featured a module to showcase the music statistics on the homepage, and it definitely got my attention.

Compatibility and Advertisements

SoundClick does have an Android and iOS app to let you stream and download songs on the go. You will also find advertisements on the website along with an embedded Google Custom Search.

Overall, for the website experience and compatibility, and ads. I can give it a 6/10 as it is still better than some other music sites such as CCTrax.

Music Library

SoundClick has a vast library of 5,285,902 songs on the site currently, over 600,000 bands and a huge user-base of over 5 million!

People mostly use this platform to download beats and music. Some of the popular artists to find on the site for beats are Tony Fadd, Christian Arceo (Vybe Beatz), xMxx, Taz Taylor, etc.

Though not the best portal to find music, it still has a lot to offer if you’re looking for hip-hop/rap beats. I’d give it a 7/10.

Music Player & Quality

Most of the songs/beats available to download can be used for listening purposes but cannot be used for any commercial purpose. Each Artist has a page of their own, and you can buy the license to use the soundtrack for your purpose.

Vybe beatz on SoundClick

On each Artist’s page, you also see the player with limited options of Play, Pause, Forward, Back, Liking or downloading the song.

Note that not all the songs are free to download and some will be available only after you buy the license lease. All the lease pricing is available on any artist’s page as:

SoundClick license pricing

Artists with VIP accounts can get to upload their mp3 recordings at a 320-kbps bitrate. So, you can expect to download the songs/beats in the same quality.

Therefore, I’d give it a 7/10 for the quality as it is better than besonic and of such likes.

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