Quiz – Amazing Facts About NASA’s Space Shuttle

With a project cost of $209 billion, the Space shuttle program was an ambitious program by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), USA.

There was a total of 6 number of space shuttles built under this program which carried numerous satellites and telescope into space. This project has proven not only success but also a remarkable feat in the history of space programs.


There are lots of interesting facts and figures related to space shuttles and their voyages to space.

How much you know about them? Play this space shuttle quiz and check your space knowledge.


1. What is the name of first space shuttle launched on April 12, 1981, by NASA?


2. What is the speed does a space shuttle need to have to stay in orbit?


3. Which space shuttle was used to launch the Hubble Space Telescope into space?



4. Traveling around the earth at minimum speed, the crew members of a space shuttle could see sunrise and sunset every _________.


5. Which space shuttle from NASA's fleet flew the most missions? For your information, it has completed a total of 39 voyages to space.


6. How long generally does it take space shuttle to clear the launch tower (pad)?



7. Which gas is used to fill the space shuttle tires?


8. The external fuel tanks of space shuttle main engines are filled with?


9. Minimum 2 astronauts are required for a space shuttle mission. True or false?



10. Every NASA mission has a name starting with STS. What is its full form?


Quiz - Amazing Facts About NASA's Space Shuttle

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