Best Starter Pack Memes

You can define a Starter-Pack as the full-fledged kit that consists of all the things you would require to do a particular action or a hobby. As a starter pack for a picnic would be a blanket, a basket with food, an excellent location and finally a bottle of wine.  This is how you can define an activity.

The trend of starter pack memes started from Tumblr and moved to other social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, where people would make a starter pack for anything and everything. There is no criteria for it. People became so obsessed with it that there are pages in these social media sites purely dedicated to this meme.

This meme also received a lot of criticism since these starter packs are based on the general idea of how we perceive things. So, a studious girl is supposed to have braces or a football player is supposed to have good abs and muscles. It becomes an obligation for people to reach out to the beauty standards set by the society and can be very offensive.

Though it is made in all good humour, here are the top 10 starter packs that became way too famous for their good.

#1. The Facebook Famous Starter Pack Meme

facebook famous starter pack


This one is the currently trending starter pack, which consists of the Adidas jacket, the OBEY cap, the trending hairstyle and of course, the mirror selfie. This is the starter pack for the boys who want to get instant fame and well  “socially acceptable”.

#2. I Force My Five-year Daughter to do Pageant Pack

force daughter for beauty starter pack

This one here is a very stereotyped, mostly seen in the movies type of a mother who wants her daughter to enter all beauty contests and win. She wears large earrings, has a pink purse, pink lipstick and well a double chin.

#3. The Indian Dad Starter Pack

indian dad starter pack

The Indian dad starter pack has all the reference for a good south Indian film with the moustache, pants, glasses, t-shirt, sandals and the gold chain. Well, he might be an Indian, but he indeed is a cool dad.

#4. The Tall Girl Starter Pack

tall girl starter pack

This speaks for every girl who is tall and is always picked out because of that. You become the stand for the class cos tall everything comes with the gene!

#5. The Goodbye GPA Starter Pack

Goodbye GPA Starter Pack

This is a widespread belief amongst any person studying in school or college, every time you open any of these while studying for your exams; you are gone, my friend. It always starts with one app and then it never stops.

#6. I will wait Starter Pack Meme

I'll wait starter pack

This is usually the case of all the fathers who take their daughters and wife for shopping. That’s all they know, after reaching the shop, it is their unspoken birthright to sit and wait till we are done!

#7. I’m in College

I'm in college starter pack

This is seriously the case of every college student ever. We binge, we eat, and we are penny less.  And also, we drink a lot of water because hydrating after a party is essential.

#8. Every non-pro soccer player ever

non pro soccer starter pack

This look isn’t for themselves but for others to believe the fact that you are a player. To sell a lie, you must believe in it.  But believe me, I am much better when I will play a real match.

#9. Uncles at BBQ

uncle's BBQ starter pack

Believe it or not, this is how most people at BBQ dress up because it is sunny and you need as much vitamin D as possible.

#10. The I am not a Superhero

not a superhero starter pack

For all the Marvel fans, sorry not sorry. XD