One of the Hottest Names in Basketball: Stephen Curry Net Worth

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Stephen Curry, the 29- year old basketball player is worth an estimated $77 million. He earns a whopping $12.1 million per season with the Warriors as of 2018, and his net worth is assumed to shoot up further than 80 million in the coming year.

Early Life

Wardell Stephen Curry II AKA Stephen Curry was born in Ohio on March 14, 1988. His father was also a member of the ‘Cleveland Cavaliers’, so it was natural for Stephen to have a knack for the game. He completed his education from ‘Davidson College’ and led his team to many victories against top college football teams. He also played internationally for the U19 USA team winning silver. His professional team was the ‘Golden State Warriors’. He is married to his girlfriend Ayesha Alexander since 2011, and the two together have two daughters.

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Earnings included in Stephen Curry Net Worth

His Basketball career

  • In 2009, Curry was selected by the ‘Golden State Warriors’ on a four-year contract worth $12.7 million with his salary being $2.7 million per season
  • In 2010, Curry played the ‘2010 FIBA world championship’ and helped the team win a gold
  • His contract was extended another four years with the deal of $44 million and a per season salary of $10 million in 2012
  • On 27th of February 2012, Curry scored a record of 54 points in a single game against New York Knicks
  • In 2014, Stephen Curry he led the USA to another gold at the ‘2014 World Cup.’
  • In 2017, after Curry led his team to countless wins, he was offered another five-year extension on a deal of $201 million


Stephen is also very good at golf since his school days and plays very often:

  • He plays in ‘Celebrity Golf Tournaments’
  • In 2017, he also participated in ‘Ellie Mae Classic.’


  • Stephen Curry owns a penthouse in Oakland, US
  • The basketball player owned a 7,500 square feet home in Walnut Creek in California which he sold in 2017 for $2.9 million
  • He holds a home in Alamo, US. It is a 10,290 square feet home is worth $6.8 million.

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Vehicle collection

  • Range Rover
  • Mercedes G55
  • Porsche GT3 RS
  • Porsche Panamera

Endorsements and ventures

  • Being a big name in the NBA, Stephen Curry has in 2017, signed endorsement deals with number one companies and brands such as Vivo, Chase, PressPlay and JPMorgan Chase earning him almost $35 million
  • Curry has a partnership with ‘Under Armour’ and is the face of the brand and their footwear line. This contract was worth $3 million
  • He also had a contract with Nike
  • In 2016, Curry earned $12 million from his endorsements with Kaiser Permanente, JBL, Brita, Degree and more
  • In 2017, he also partnered with ‘Steiner Sports Memorabilia’ to release products such as hand-signed jerseys and basketballs, wall-art, limited edition products and photographs of big moments
  • He earns around $30 million in just endorsements
  • He invested in ‘Slyce’ for around $2 million
  • As of 2018, Stephen has earned around $30 million from endorsements with eHi Car Rental, Chase, Fanatics and Under Armour

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Social Work

Stephen Curry is a very charitable sportsperson and donates in every way he can, to everyone he can.

  • In 2017, Curry donated $118,000 to help the victims of the Hurricane Harvey that affected Texas
  • Curry has also released a limited edition red shoes whose proceeds will go towards the charity ‘Nothing but Nets’ and costs $120 a pair
  • Earlier in 2017, Stephen also supported and helped ‘Kick’n it’ foundation to donate 20,000 pairs of good shoes to Republic of Congo’s children
  • Stephen has raised more than $200,000 for helping the children of military people with scholarships
  • In 2014, when Curry won the ‘NBA’s Community Assist Award’ he donated $25,000 to charity
  • He also donated $150,000 to the charity ‘Brotherhood Crusade’ to help at-risk youth
  • He also supports foundations such as NBA Cares, United Nations Foundation, and Animal Rescue Foundation
  • Stephen supports causes related to AIDS, Human Rights, Women, Hunger, Children and animals


Stephen Curry is one of the hottest topics in NBA today. He is considered to be one of the most valuable players and has led his team to many victories. Stephen is appreciated by his coaches, other players and fans for his humility and gameplay. He can shoot from almost any position. At just 29 years of age and a big career ahead of him, Stephen is bound to make his team and his country proud in the coming years.

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