Stephen King Net Worth: Career & Earnings from Books and Appearances

Stephen King, popularly known as “The Horror King” is worth $400 million. American author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, science fiction and fantasy earns around $20 million from his books and his cameo appearances in TV shows.

Early Life

Stephen Edwin King was born in Portland, Maine and was raised by his mother in De Pere, Wisconsin, Fort Wayne, Indiana and Stratford, Connecticut. King attended Durham Elementary School. He graduated from Lisbon Falls High School, in Lisbon Falls, Maine.


He was an avid reader of horror comics and began to write for fun while in school and contributed numerous articles that got published in the newspaper.

King also attended the University of Maine, from where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English. He is married to novelist, and philanthropic activist Tabitha Spruce since 1971 and the couple have two sons, both of whom are authors and a daughter who is a Unitarian Universalist Church Minister in Florida.


King held variety of jobs to support himself including janitor, gas pump attendant and worker at an industrial laundry.

King’s first professional short story was published by Startling Mystery Stories published The Glass Floor in 1967. He began a writing career by writing articles for a men’s magazine. King’s first novel Carrie was released in 1973 after which he started to work on his subsequent books and stories. King has explored in various genre including horror, science fiction, fantasy, dark fantasy, crime fiction, suspense and thriller.

Some of his famous novels include It, The Shining, The Stand, Misery, Carrie, The Mist, Salem’s Lot, Cujo and Mr Mercedes.

Stephen has published 54 novels, including seven under the pen name of Richard Bachman. His books have sold more than 350 million copies. He also uses other pen names like John Swithen and Beryl Evans. He has also authored over 200 short stories.

He has collaborated with various authors to write novels and stories including The Talisman, My Pretty Pony, Kingdom Hospital and Faithful. In 2017, Stephen King and his son Owen King co-wrote Sleeping Beauties, based in a women’s prison.

Many of his novels have been adapted into feature films including It, The Shining and The Mist.

Stephen King was addicted to alcohol and drugs, and it was so severe during the 80s that he acknowledged in his memoir that he hardly has any memories of writing his book Cujo.

Stephen King is the recipient of over 50 literary awards including Bram Stoker Awards, World Fantasy Awards, British Fantasy Society Awards and The Grand Master Award.

Most of his novels have hit the #1 bestseller worldwide.

The Car Accident

King was involved in a car crash in 1999 injuring his leg severely and breaking his hip. He announced that he would not continue writing. However, he resumed writing in 2002, although the pace is languid.


King has also written lines for music like We’re a happy family and It’s not my place. In 1996, he collaborated with Michael Jackson to create Ghosts, a 40-minute music video.

TV and Radio

Stephen King has also appeared in films, and his debut film was Knightriders in which he acted in a minor role. Since then he has made cameo appearances in various other films including Creepshow, Pet Sematary, Rose Red, Shining and TheSimpsons. 

Stephen and Tabitha own Zone Radio Corp, a radio station group.


Stephen King is also active in politics. He is the supporter of Democratic Party.In 2008, he voiced his support for Democratic Candidate Barack Obama during the elections. He also publicly criticised Donald Trump for his controversial remarks critical of Mexican immigrants to the United States.

Stephen King Net Worth

The author who is is worth $400 million today. His annual earnings from his books and TV shows are estimated to be around $20 million.


Stephen King owns three homes along with his wife.

His house in Bangor, Maine where he resides is worth $1.2 million.

He owns another house in Lovell, Maine and mansion in Sarasota, Florida the worth of which is $8.9 million.


The author who has brought us chills through his writings is also a person of the heart.

He donates around $4 million every year to libraries, fire departments that need updated lifesaving equipment, schools and other organisations.

Stephen, along with his wife owns The Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation which gives away over $2.8 million in grants. In 2011, the foundation donated $70,000 to help pay the bills for families in need in his hometown of Bangor, Maine.


He also supports charity through other foundations like Heifer International and Jimmy Fund.

He is one of the best authors in the world known for his terrifying stories. With ever increasing fans for the ‘King’, Stephen is only expected to grow more in the years to come.

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