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The actor, host, producer, author and radio personality, Steve Harvey net worth is said to have reached $140 million, with a salary of around $40 million. The credit of his net worth goes to the versatility in his career ranging from a Television Star to making it to the big screen, to authoring books.

Early Life

Steve (Broderick Stephen Harvey) was born on 17th January 1957 in Welch. He is a graduate of West Virginia University. Initially, he tried many kinds of jobs like one of a postman and a boxer till he finally started doing what he loved, i.e., be an entertainer. He has had three marriages and seven children.

Earnings that comprise Steve Harvey’s net worth

His TV Career

  • Harvey did stand up comedy initially in 1985 and saw a bit of a struggle
  • In 1990 due to him becoming a finalist at the Second Annual Johnnie Walker National Comedy show, Harvey landed the gig of a host for ‘It’s Showtime at the Apollo’. This was the turning point of his career
  • In 1994, He also got the deal of ABC’s show Me and the Boys
  • Finally, he landed the biggest contract of his entire career, ‘The Steve Harvey Show’ which ran from 1996 to 2002
  • In 2000, he also launched his own daily talk radio show called ‘The Steve Harvey Morning show’
  • He makes $5000 from a single radio show
  • In 2012, he also performed his final two hours stand up and was paid per view
  • He was also the host of Miss Universe Pageant 2015 & 2016

Movie career

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The host has also bagged minor roles which also helped his reputation and net worth.

  • His debut was in ‘The Fighting Temptations’ in 2003 saw him earn an estimated $17000
  • You Got served in 2004 made him $29000
  • Johnson family vacation in 2004- $20000
  • Love don’t cost a thing- $14000
  • And Racing Stripes in 2005 from which he earned around $35000

Vehicle collection

Like any other celebrity, Harvey also owns a few cars.

  • He gifted a Rolls Royce to his wife Marjorie in 2014 which was worth $500,000
  • He owns a Bentley

Endorsements and ventures

  • In 2014, Harvey launched a dating website called ‘Delightful’ saying that it was to cater to the needs of today’s people which earned $15000
  • He is said to have earned more than $5 million for his endorsements with different products and brands.


  • He lives in Plano Mansion. His home is a 3.25-acre having five bedrooms, two half bathrooms and five full bathrooms.
  • The house is big enough for seven cars to fit in.


Harvey is also an author with many of his books hitting top spots in the book world.

  • ‘Act like a Lady’ which was his bestseller in 2009 was made into a movie titled ‘Think like a man’ and made a revenue of $96.1 million.
  • The publishing deal for ‘Act like a Lady’ was $5 million.

His other books are:

  • Straight
  • No chaser
  • Act like success
  • Jump: Take the Leap of Faith to achieve your Life of Abundance.

Social Work

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Steve Harvey supports many charities and donations:

  • He has founded the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation through which they support young children without dads.
  • He also supports the United Negro College Fund to help African University students.
  • In 2014, Steve Harvey partnered with Coca-Cola in their Pay It Forward program which offered 2 African American youth a 5-day apprenticeship experience along with $5000 scholarship.


Steve Harvey’s net worth seems to have skyrocketed from a $59 million in 2013 to a $140 million in 2018. The star is a good spokesperson and businessman and may have more years of success. After all, age is just a number isn’t it?

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Feature Image Credit: Snapshot from YouTube Video by Steve TV Show

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