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A favourite during the times of my parents, Steven Seagal, an action movie star, a producer, director, musician and famous for his martial arts skills has a net worth of less than $16 million despite his movies having made more than $600 million.

Early life and how he came into acting.

He was born in Michigan in 1952. He is skilled in martial arts specifically aikido and dojos. The actor trained students and Deputies who helped him achieve the position of Reserve Deputy Chief.


His skills are also what got him into the industry. Seagal also holds American, Russian and Serbian citizenship. At present, he is married to Erdenetuya Seagal since 2009 and previously married thrice. Steven has seven kids from all his four marriages.

Total earnings that make-up Steven Seagal’s net worth

Movies and Television series

The actor has appeared in a lot of famous movies which have helped him his fortune.

  • His debut film was ‘Above the law’ released in 1988 which was written and produced by him
  • In 1992, the thriller movie ‘Under Siege’ gained success earning $156 million worldwide and won him two Academy nominations
  • He played the leading role in most of the films that he directed, and many of them failed even to make the amount spent.
  • ‘Never say never again’ and ‘Marked for Death’ are movies that saw huge success and earned him a sum of $5 million.
  • He even made and acted in the TV series ‘Steven Seagal: Lawman’ inspired by his meeting the deputies
  • Seagal also appeared on Season 16 of Saturday Night Live


Seagal was a part of a band and went on a tour. He even released many albums even though they were not very appreciated.

  • He released two albums ‘The crystal cave’ and ‘Mojo priest’. The album consisted of different genres of music like reggae and blues
  • He even toured for Mojo priest in 2007
  • In 2010, he toured with his band. The tour was called ‘Blues music tour.’

His Business Ventures and Endorsements

Seagal was a part of many ventures and endorsements which added to his net worth. He surely has ventured into every category possible. He always took risks in time when they were low and high. Some of his ventures are as follows:

  • He made his energy drink line called ‘Lightning Bolt Energy drink’ whose main ingredient was ‘Tibetan Goji berries.’
  • He came up with an aftershave known as ‘Scent of Action.’
  • Steven worked with Young living oils that made ‘therapeutic oils’ in 1997
  • He worked with ‘Cold Steel’ and came out with his very own line of knives and weapons called ‘Steven Seagal series’.

Housing and Automobiles He Owns

Steven owns a 5000 acres estate in California, containing a mansion like home which is 4,200 square feet, 14,000 square feet log home and even has a barn.

  • The log home consists of 11 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms
  • A private porch opening to a view of mountains
  • Made from pure Tennessee white pine
  • Rooms have a clear view of Lake Barton

The action movie mogul owns a Scottdale house worth a $3.5 million. The home has a beautiful scenic view, and apart from the many bedrooms and bathrooms, the home also equips:

  • A swimming pool
  • Jacuzzi and Sauna
  • Home Office
  • Gaming room

The actor owns one of the most expensive cars of the brand Mercedes Benz. He also gets them bulletproof like many other celebs.

Social Service

Seagal helps support environment-related charity and is an animal rights activist. He also supports the following charities:

  • Save a Million Lives
  • US Doctors for Africa

He also supports causes like AIDS, Children, Arts and health.

  • The actor received the ‘’Bollywood Movie Award- Humanitarian Award’ in 2001
  • In 1999, Seagal received the ‘PETA Humanitarian Award’ for his dedication and work against exporting baby elephants
  • He is strictly against animal cruelty and is highly appreciated for it


Though successful lesser than the times he has failed, Seagal has never given up and ventured into all kinds of profitable business and made a reputation for himself as one of the biggest action movie stars of his time that is the 1980s and 1990s.


Steven Seagal’s net worth of nearly $16M is a result of more than three decades of hard work in the industry.

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