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If you want to unleash your writing skills for the benefits of billions of readers out there, then this page is for you. We are announcing an opportunity to various writers and bloggers to contribute an article as a guest post on Stemjar.

Currently, we have stopped accepting guest posts.

Stemjar is an online blog and news platform. We are a close-knit team made up of passionate and hardworking people. If you want to know more about Stemjar, then go to our about us page.

But before you submit your guest post, we would like you to read Stemjar’s publishing guidelines. Believe us; we do not want your effort to go to waste.

How can you become a part of Stemjar as a contributor?

We believe every person is unique and has enormous potential and ideas to create value for readers. So, to encompass various aspects of life, we have created Stemjar which has many broad categories.

Here are a few tips which may help you to write the right kind of guest post for Stemjar.

  • Get a feel for our posts and writing style. You can follow the same or if you can do it better, why not?
  • Write a quality post keeping the readers’ requirements as the core value. In short, your contribution should provide some knowledge and insight to the users.
  • Stemjar has below categories in place, and we request you to contribute around this only. We will not accept anything and everything.
    • Education
    • Jobs and Companies
    • Lifestyle
    • Technology
    • Digital Marketing
    • Health

Stemjar’s publishing guidelines

Read the below publishing guidelines carefully before guest post submission.

Quality over quantity

We believe in an in-depth article. Although there is no upper limit to any guest post, we have put a minimum cap as 900 words. The article subject should be trending and should make sense to masses.

There should be a proper flow in the article from the preface, body to the conclusion. We are looking for interesting and well-curated contents.


We hate plagiarism as anybody else does. We do not entertain copied article or content. Do not copy other’s work without giving proper credit. It is mean to steal somebody’s hard work and that too without giving credit.

If you find some piece of a content gelling well within your post, then use it but with a proper mention.


We encourage you to include media graphics, images, infographics, videos, etc. in your post. Use proper credit caption to all your media contents on your guest post.

Stemjar copyright submit guest post contribution

After you submitted your guest post to Stemjar, you are giving us copyright ownership of the article. This helps us dealing with DMCA related issues.

Create a profile on Gravatar

We request you to create a Gravatar profile. Also, your Gravatar profile picture should be clear enough to identify you. We want our readers to acknowledge you as a person and not as Robots.


We want you to talk to your readers via comments. It is important since readers may have doubts and it will not be good if they are unanswered. So, you must engage a little bit after your article is published on Stemjar.

Short bio

Send us a short bio about yourself along with the article.

Submit your guest post to Stemjar

After you comply with above publishing guidelines, you can submit your article to [email protected]

We usually reply within 48 hours. If your article is accepted, then we will create your new user profile on Stemjar as a contributor. It will enable you to submit the post directly from Stemjar’s dashboard.

We also understand that some of you may not be very technical. Do not worry! Our team will help you in the best possible way to post your article.

If your article needs improvements, then we will contact you with required changes.

If you still have any queries regarding the guest post, then shoot your doubts via contact us page.

If you want to unleash your writing skills as a @blogger or a @writer then we are very happy to announce an opportunity to contribute an article as a guest post.