Sugar Busters Diet – What to Eat & Other Important Points

Sugar Busters Diet

Trying to lose weight sometimes can be a meticulous process. With what is available on the internet, it becomes much necessary to understand health jargon. People do not seem to mind that, but find informative.

Where junk food once was the rage, people these days prefer going for more healthy options. This conscious lifestyle calls for more healthy diet plans and sugar busters diet seems to be among one of them.

Sugar Busters Diet aims to achieve weight loss fast with a mere practice of avoiding sugar. That’s it! However, before I explain to you what foods to eat and what not, let me give you a quick guide on how this works.

Why is sugar the villain?

Sweet tooth

People with a sweet tooth need to watch out more carefully about what they eat. There is no doubt that sugar is addictive.

A person addicted to sugar has their brain lit up like a pinball machine every time they consume it. Sure, it is energetic on the go, but after a while, you might feel like your body is about to crash down.

Desensitization in taste buds

The addiction to added and refined sugar over time makes our taste palate go numb to the point that you cannot taste the natural sugar present in fruits.

People with a numb taste palate cannot tell about carrot’s sweetness. Well, count yourself as lucky if you can.

Fat culprit

Sugar also comes from carbohydrates and refined starch. Our body converts carbs and starch into sugar by the process of metabolism.

The production of sugar promotes the secretion of insulin that does not allow the fat to break down. When this happens, insulin also stores sugar in the body fat.

Now unaware folks may label dietary fats as the culprit, but the facts paint the real picture.

So, are carbohydrates bad?

Since the idea is to avoid carbohydrates in a sugar busters diet plan, it is essential to know not all carbohydrates are bad.

The Glycemic Index (GI) is a way to find out about good carbs (low-carb diet) and bad carbs (high-carb diet, also called simple carbs). Now foods high in GI do not go with the sugar busters diet plan. The lower the GI, the better.

Foods to eat on a sugar busters diet

On a sugar busters diet, you are to avoid added and refined sugar altogether. The idea behind this is to facilitate weight loss but not cut down on foods excluded in other diets such as animal protein.


There is a list of allowed and forbidden carbohydrates that one should refer to while being on this diet.

Simple carbs such as white rice, white flour, bread, added-sugar products are to be avoided along with fruits high in GI such as bananas (only ripe), raisins, pineapples, watermelon and vegetables such as potatoes, beets, corn, and parsnips.

The recommended carbs are whole grain products, whole grain wheat, brown rice, low-fat dairy, wholegrain pasta, legumes, sweet potatoes, onions, eggplants, cucumbers, beans, peas, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, cabbage, celery,  and nuts.

sugar busters diet infographic

Animal protein

Sugar Busters diet propagates the idea of consuming animal protein in the form of lean meat (lean beef, lean lamb, and lean pork), eggs, poultry without skin, eggs, fish, and seafood.


Since fats are not responsible for the weight gain, the use of unsaturated fats is encouraging, where saturated fats should only account for 10% of the daily intake of your food.

Caffeine and alcohol

There is no strict restriction on caffeine as such. Just try to limit your caffeine intake to 2-3 cups of the beverages. Use of dry red wine on sugar busters is acceptable.

Other Important Tips

Meal portions

Try reducing portions of the meal with only three meals per day. Do not plan to eat anything after 8 p.m.


Include plenty of exercise in your routine so that the metabolism of your body improves and you can work out those sugar cravings efficiently.

Bottom line

Sugar Busters diet is great if you plan to work on your weight loss. Not only it is a great way to remove all that fat, but it is excellent for your health otherwise as well.

Many health conditions go away when you plan to cut down on your sugar intake and rely on natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables with a low GI.

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