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what does smh mean

What does SMH Mean?

SMH is the angry acronym of the internet which is an abbreviation for ‘shaking my head’. The uber-popular acronym is used when a person does something you are not very happy about, and worse case don't approve of.
bae meaning definition

What Does BAE Mean?

BAE, the acronym for love, is an abbreviation for Before Anyone Else. The word is used as a substitute word for someone you really adore.
what does LMAO mean

What Does LMAO Mean?

Wondering what does LMAO mean? LMAO is the abbreviation of Laughing My Ass/Arse Off. It is used when something utterly hilarious has tickled your funny bone.
what does CTFU mean

What Does CTFU Mean?

Wondering what does CTFU mean? It is the abbreviation for Cracking The F*** Up. It is used when you find something uncontrollable funny that it cracks you up.
what does hmu mean

What Does HMU Mean?

Wondering what does HMU mean? It is an abbreviation for Hit me up, which is yet another acronym that has made our life easier with making texts shorter and compact. Its literal meaning could be “text me”, “call me”, “contact me” or “reach out to me”.

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