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what is sugar alcohol and is sugar alcohol bad for you

What is Sugar Alcohol? Is Sugar Alcohol Bad for your Health?

Sugar alcohols are organic compounds that are derived from sugar. Sugar alcohol looks like white sugar crystals and occurs naturally in many fruits & vegetables. Common sugar alcohols are Glycerol, Erythritol, Arabitol, Xylitol, Ribitol. Erythritol is the best sugar alcohol with positive health benefits
How Many Grams of Sugar Per Day

How Many Grams of Sugar Per Day? – The Million Dollar Question

Sugar seems to have developed a bad reputation for being the major contributor to obesity, type II diabetes, tooth decay, liver diseases, cardiovascular problems, etc. It is the increased consumption refined sugar or free sugars, that has become a cause for concern for various health organisations. Moreover, you have to reason around a single question which is - What should be the ideal intake of sugar per day?
Sugar Busters Diet

Sugar Busters Diet – What to Eat & Other Important Points

The idea of the Sugar Busters diet is to avoid refined sugar completely and eat small meal portions of good carbs, lean meat, unsaturated fats, etc.

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