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King Koil Air Mattress Review – Portable, Inflatable but Yet Cozy

King Koil Airbed would be a perfect choice if you are camping lover or just need extra bed occasionally to accommodate your guests.

How to Fix an Air Mattress Leak? 5 Simple Steps

Air mattresses can easily get punctured or can spring a leak near the valve. Learn how to fix an air mattress leak in five simple steps. Confirm leakage, check the valve, find the leak, sand & clean, fix puncture via air mattress patch kit or tyre patch, DIY patch, Hot glue, duct tape. Do check warranty

Is Your Mattress Causing Back Pain? Signs to look out for

All of us have suffered from back pain sometime in our life. In fact, back pain is a significant cause for missed work. We must identify what is causing this pain to get rid of it. Often it is the bed that we sleep on that is the culprit of our sore back.

How to Make an Air Mattress Comfortable? – 10 Simple Tips

Air mattresses have always been popular as an emergency bed for an overnight guest or camping. They are rarely used as regular beds in homes. The main reason for this is that they are not the most comfortable beds for sleeping. However, you can make your air bed much more comfortable by following these simple tips.

Is Your Air Mattress Deflating Overnight? – Let’s Find Out Why

Have you ever gone to bed on a firm, fully-inflated air mattress and woken up in the morning on a soft saggy one? Well, you are not alone. Loss of air in air mattresses is a common phenomenon which most us who own one or have slept on one have experienced.

7 Risks of Sleeping on an Air Mattress Long Term

Air mattress is everybody’s favourite sleeping option when they are out camping or if they have guests over but not enough beds. But can these mattresses be a long-term solution? Is it a good idea to sleep on an air bed every night or should you go for a conventional mattress? Let us help you find the answers to these questions.

How to Clean Mattress Topper? – In 2 Steps

Memory Foam mattress toppers have become popular these days thanks to the exceptional level of comfort and support they provide during sleep. Memory foam is made of a particular type of material using advanced visco technology memory foam. If you have been using this kind of mattress topper, you must clean it at least once every few months to ensure that it is free of dust, allergens and bacteria.

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King Koil Air Mattress






Construction and Design


Warranty & Guarantee


Sleep Experience



  • Inflatable, portable yet durable
  • Stores air for upto 3 days
  • Trustworthy ait bed available in more than 90 countries
  • Can accomodate upto 600 pounds
  • Is great for camping, guests


  • Little expensive as compared to other airbed mattresses
  • Requires larger bed sheets