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apple benefits

10 Health Benefits of an Apple with Nutritional Facts

An apple benefit includes improved neurological health, better heart health, lower risk of diabetes, improved digestion, build strong bones, etc.
Apple Music Review

Apple Music App Review – Is it worth the paid subscription?

In this Apple Music App Review, we discuss the User-Interface, Artists, Genres & Radio (Beats 1) to browse, Player Options & Music Quality.
Google Acquiring Apple Fake News

Dow Jones Fallacious News about Google acquiring Apple soared Apple Stock Price

Dow Jones, a unit of News Corp, published an erroneous story around Google acquiring Apple for $9 billion. The fake news mentioned that the whole deal was cut between Alphabet CEO Larry Page and late Steve Jobs per his will. The report cited that Google employees would move to Apple newly built headquarters and for that Google employee reacted in “Yay”.
BlueMail a worthy email client

Why You Should Change Your Email Client to BlueMail

Are you someone who is tired of fiddling around your email accounts? Then believe me you are not the only one. Most of us either live with cluttered email accounts or spend too much time sorting and deleting emails. This is a mind-numbing job. Isn’t it! That’s where BlueMail comes into the picture. It is one of the most influential and award-winning email client application which can rescue you from your muddled email accounts.

Why Apple Logo has Bite?

Undoubtedly, Apple logo is the most loved logo and brand on this earth. And why not, as Apple has been ever producing life-changing consumer products since the inception of the company. If you are an Apple device owner, then I can bet that it is the Apple logo which you fancy most. But do you know the Apple logo history? Or do you know the truth behind Apple logo bite? Even if you think that you know the history of Apple logo, then I am pretty much sure that you must have fallen for various myths making rounds on the internet.

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