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network speed

What is Network speed – Introduction & Performance Measures

Network Speed refers to the rate at which the data packets travel. Bandwidth, latency, throughput, jitter determine this speed.
bandwidth control

Bandwidth Control – Do You Know How to Enable It?

The bandwidth control feature is present in the software, such as download manager, NetLimiter, Torrent Client, etc., to control network bandwidth. This feature allows you to precisely define the amount of a bandwidth that a particular application can use for downloading or uploading the data over a network.
bandwidth throttling

Bandwidth Throttling – How to Find Out If It is Happening with You?

Bandwidth Throttling is the process of intentionally slowing down the bandwidth provided by the ISP or internet service provider or a network administrator on a business network. Sometimes, bandwidth throttling happens when you access bandwidth consuming websites related to video streaming, such as Netflix, Vimeo, YouTube, etc., Torrent, file sharing applications, etc.
what is bandwidth

What is Bandwidth & How to Measure It?

Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer over a network, such as an internet, at any given moment. In simple words, bandwidth is the rate of data transfer. It is usually measured in bits per second.

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