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radiation therapy effects on teeth

How Does Radiation Therapy Affect Oral Health?

Oral tissues are highly radio-sensitive and have a high risk of undergoing temporary or permanent changes while the patient is treated with radiation.
radiation caries

Everything that You Should Know About Radiation Caries

Radiation caries is a type of tooth decay that is typically caused as a result of radiation-induced dry mouth.
What is Mucositis

What is Mucositis? – Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

Mucositis is the painful inflammation and ulceration of the mucous membranes lining the digestive tract, usually as an adverse effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment for cancer.
chemotherapy and oral health

How does Chemotherapy Affect Our Overall Oral Health?

Radiation therapy can directly affect the oral tissues by damaging salivary glands and jaw bone. Chemotherapy also upsets the natural balance between good and harmful bacteria inside your mouth.

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