Dental Amalgam Fillings

What is a Silver Tooth Filling? Benefits, Procedure & Cost

A silver tooth filling is commonly known as amalgam restoration, which typically consists of alloy particles such as silver and tin mixed with elemental mercury.

What are Dental Fillings? Types of Tooth Filling With Their Pros & Cons

Dental fillings are of several types such as Amalgam, Composite, Porcelain and Gold tooth filling. Depending on the type size & location of caries on the tooth the dentist will determine which is the most suitable filling material. Dental amalgam is a versatile and robust restorative material and is mostly used in the molar tooth.

Are Dental Amalgam Fillings Safe Restoration?

Dental amalgam fillings are the most versatile dental restorative material. Approximately 75% of restorations are done by dental amalgam worldwide. The mercury component in amalgam, however, makes it a concern for patients. The composition of this alloy is silver 40–70%, Tin 12–30% & copper 12–24%.

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