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radiation caries

Everything that You Should Know About Radiation Caries

Radiation caries is a type of tooth decay that is typically caused as a result of radiation-induced dry mouth.
What is Pulpotomy

What is Pulpotomy? – A Complete Guide

Pulpotomy can be defined as the removal of a portion of the pulp in the crown, followed by placement of suitable dressing or medicament that will promote healing and preserve the vitality of the tooth.
dead tooth

What is a Dead Tooth? Signs, Symptoms, Cause & Treatment

Once the dental pulp gets injured, it can't repair itself and may die. This process is known as necrosis of pulp and causes the tooth to become non-vital or dead.
Dental Sealant Procedure

Dental Sealant Procedure – How do Dentist Seal Teeth?

Application of sealants is as easy as painting with a paint brush. The process usually completes in a single visit and it is a pain-free procedure.
how to prevent cavities after eating candy

How Can You Prevent Cavities Despite Having a Sweet Tooth?

You can prevent cavity after having sweets by brushing your teeth after a gap of 30 minutes soon after consuming any sweet, using mouth rinse to wash away sticky sugar & residual acids, using sugar-free gums, etc.
Incipient Caries

What are Incipient Caries? – Diagnosis and Management

Incipient caries is defined as the reversible stage of demineralization of the outermost layer of the tooth, i.e., the enamel. It is characterized by the formation of tiny white spots on the tooth surface.

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