Dental Cavity

What is Teeth Remineralization? Is It Possible to Remineralize the Teeth?

Tooth remineralization is the natural process which occurs to replenish the tooth enamel. The bacteria in the oral cavity produce acid and cause demineralization of a tooth.

Can Cavities be Reversed? – Answer is Both Yes & No

Yes, the initial carious lesions or decay is reversible and can be prevented from further progress. But if the tooth decay happens to a great extent then it cannot be reversed.

10 Best Ways to Reverse Tooth Decay

You can reverse tooth decay by having a nutritious diet, avoiding cold drinks, coconut oil pulling, good oral care, proper brushing, etc.

How to Prevent Cavities? 4 Easy and Effective Steps

Simple habits and methods can help prevent tooth decay and prevent cavities such as brushing twice daily for 2-3 minutes, flossing daily, etc.

What Causes Cavities? – Treatment & Prevention

We often wonder what causes cavities or tooth decay even though we brush regularly and maintain good oral hygiene. There could be internal as well as external factors, such as dry mouth, poor oral care, excessive consumption of sweet food, poor diet plan, etc., that leads to the formation of cavities

Are You Able to Identify Cavity? What does a Cavity Look Like?

A cavity can start as opaque white discoloration or a black stain and extend if left untreated. Sometimes if the cavity is in between two teeth, then it is hardly visible. Even caries in the inner layers of a tooth may not be visible and might be diagnosed at an advanced stage.

Rotten teeth – Signs & Symptoms, Cause, Treatment Modalities & Prevention

Rotten teeth are a painful condition in which the tooth is destructed by acid producing bacteria, and if not treated in time it causes infection between teeth and gums. Rotten teeth have multiple etiological factors like bacteria, susceptible tooth surfaces, and a diet rich in sugar

Dental Caries or Dental Cavity – Cause, Types & Treatment Options

Dental caries is also known as a dental cavity, which is mostly caused due to poor oral hygiene practices. It occurs when bacteria living in your mouth make acid that begins to decay your teeth. Common treatment options include Pit & Fissure sealants, Composite, GIC, Amalgam, etc.

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