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are dental x rays safe

Are Dental X-Rays Safe? Benefits vs. Risks

Several factors like age, health condition, insurance coverage, and dental problem determine the need for having a dental x-ray. If you are pregnant or have any systemic illness, inform your dentist right away to protect yourself from unnecessary x-ray radiations.
Dental X Ray Importance

How Important is Dental X-ray for Diagnosis?

With the help of dental x-rays, a dentist can gauge the dental factors of the patient's mouth that may not be visible on a visual examination of the mouth.
panoramic dental x ray

Panoramic Dental X-Ray – A Digital Scanner of the Mouth

Panoramic dental radiographs, also referred to as Orthopantomogram, is an advanced dental x-ray which scans the entire mouth of the patient. It can provide details about the jaws, the teeth, and the surrounding structures.
baby teeth x ray

X-Ray of Kid’s Teeth – Is It Safe? Why is It Necessary?

Nowadays we have digital x-rays almost everywhere. These x-ray machines are safe for your kid as the radiation exposure of these devices is minimal. Digital x-ray machine emits 80% less radiation compared to traditional x-ray machines.
Types of Dental X Rays

Different Types of Dental X-Rays and Uses

Dental x-rays are of two broad types, Intraoral and Extraoral. Intraoral x-rays are further categorized into three types as bitewing, periapical and occlusal. All three have specific uses in diagnosis. Extraoral x-rays include CT, Panoramic radiographs, CBCT, and Cephalometric graphs.

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