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atkins diet

Atkins Diet 101 – Benefits, Risks, Foods to Eat and Avoid

The Atkins diet, also known as the Atkins nutritional approach, is a low-carbohydrate diet that encourages the consumption of proteins and natural fats and restricts carbohydrates as the key source of calories in your diet.
popular weight loss diets

Review of 10 Popular Weight-Loss Diets – In a Nut Shell

Even if a diet is successful for one person, it may not be as effective for others. While restricting calories is important, you must eat quality food
low fodmap diet

What is a Low-FODMAP Diet? Benefits and Side Effects

A low-FODMAP diet eliminates or restricts foods that are high in FODMAPs. FODMAP stands for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols.
gm diet plan

What is the GM Diet Plan? Does It Really Help Lose FAT?

The GM diet is a 7-day diet plan that promises quick weight loss. Day 1 - Eat fresh fruits, Day 2 - Eat vegetables, Day 3 - fruits & vegetables, Day 4 - bananas, milk & GM soup
dukan diet

What is the Dukan Diet? Is It Safe?

The Dukan diet is a high-protein, low-carb, low-fat diet that was created by Dr. Pierre Dukan, a French general practitioner, and nutritionist.
south beach diet

The South Beach Diet – A Healthy Option or Just Another fad?

The South Beach Diet was developed by Dr. Arthur Agatston to aid weight loss & improve heart health. This diet contains 3 phases. It encourages you to add more high-fiber, low-glycemic index carbs, unsaturated fats, & lean proteins to your diet.

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