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health hazards of Diwali

Health Hazards to Watch Out for this Diwali Festival

“Diwali is a festival of lights” – Probably, this is a century old proverb about Diwali festival. But with the passage of time, we forget the real essence of Diwali celebration. Once upon a time, Diwali celebrations were sacred. Learn the health hazards this Diwali.
Why do we play cards on Diwali? Play Teen Patti and Poker this Diwali 2017

Why do we play cards games on Diwali? Learn Teen Patti and Poker

It’s Diwali time! The houses are cleaned and decorated from inside out. Radiant shades of bright colours fill up the streets. With sweets and gift shops opened on every corner, it seems like the perfect Diwali Time! And, what is Diwali without playing cards games like Teen Patti and now, Poker too! That too with a mix of variations in each game like AK47 or 1942-A love story in Teen Patti, or Omaha in Poker.

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