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what is a domain name

What is a Domain Name? – Explanation With Examples

Domain name is a string used to identify a resource on the Internet. Domain names are strings of text that are human readable. They are easier to remember than IP addresses. DNS servers translate domain names into their corresponding IP addresses which are 32-bit numbers or 128-bit numbers
flush dns cache

What is a DNS Cache? – Know Why do You Need to Flush DNS

When you visit a webpage for the first time, your computer requests the DNS server to translate the domain to its IP address. The computer stores this mapping locally as a temporary database. This temporary database is called a DNS cache. You can flush DNS cache by 'ipconfig /flushdns’ command on windows
what is a dns server

What is a DNS Server?

DNS stands for domain name system. It is a vast database that translates domain name of the website to the machine understandable IP address. A DNS server is a translator that matches the hostname to its IP address. DNS server is also known as a nameserver, although this name is less popular.

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