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Why do Dogs Sleep So Much

Why do Dogs Sleep So Much? 6 Important Factors

Why do dogs sleep so much? Dogs sleep for about 12 to 14 hours every day. Puppies who are much more active, so they spend 18 to 20 hours sleeping. Older dogs also spend more time asleep. Dogs sleep more because of age factor, breed, diet, health and nature of work they do.
what do dogs dream about

What Do Dogs Dream About? – Find Out What They Dream

If you have a pet dog, chances are that you may have seen him dreaming as well. Often dogs whimper, twitch or even let out a bark when they are fast asleep. These are all signs that your pet dog may be deep into his dream world. While you can only guess what he may be dreaming about, it is a proven fact that dogs do dream. Let us look into some interesting aspects of dog dreams.

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