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egg substitute

Do You Know 15 Best Substitutes for Eggs?

Some of the best egg substitutes are mashed banana, baking powder, silken tofu, arrowroot powder, gelatin, mashed potatoes, etc.
how to tell if eggs are good

How to Tell If Eggs are Good to Eat or Not?

Do you know how to tell if eggs are good or not? Well, there are several methods to determine if the eggs are safe for consumption. Some of such methods are sniff test, float test, shake test, visual check, flashlight test, etc.
egg white nutrition facts

Egg White Nutrition Facts – High in Protein and Low in Cholesterol

Egg whites are made up of 90 percent water and 10% protein. The yolk may contain all the fat in the egg, but it also includes most of the nutrients. The nutritional profiles of whole eggs and egg whites are very different. Egg white keeps heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure in control, etc.
egg nutrition and health benefits of eggs

7 Health benefits of Eggs and their Nutritional Value

Egg nutrition comprises of Vitamin A, Vitamin B-2, Vitamin B-12, vitamin B-5, Vitamin D, etc. Egg health benefits are muscle strength, etc.

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