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how to clear cache in browsers

How to Clear Cache in Different Browsers on Desktop & Mobile?

The quickest method to clear the cache in any browser is by hitting combination of keys on keyboard as Ctrl+Shift+Del on Windows OS or command+shift+delete on macOS. However, there is also set of easy steps on different browsers for clearing the cache. Let’s learn how to clear cache in different browsers.
delete search history from firefox

How to Delete Search History from Mozilla Firefox Browser

The Mozilla Firefox, like several other web browsers, keeps a log of all the searches that you make online. It then uses keywords from it to prompt you with suggestions on succeeding uses of the browser. But although this provides a lot of conveniences - both to you and your browser - it can also jeopardise your security and prove to be harmful if not managed properly. And hence, you may wish to trash the search history from Firefox web browser.
clear private data such as cache cookies firefox

How to Clear Private Data Such as Cookies, Cache, etc. in Mozilla Firefox?

Online security is an essential aspect of web surfing that all netizens must take care. So, if you are using browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc., then clearing your private data such as cookies, web history, saved password, etc. becomes an essential aspect of strengthening your privacy and security.
import bookmarks to chrome

How to Import Bookmarks to Chrome?

Apparently, over a period, people bookmarked a number their favourite websites in IE, Safari or even Firefox. Now when Chrome has become the most loved browser, you need to import bookmarks from different browsers to Chrome. Apart from bookmarks or favourites, there are other types of data such as Autofill data, etc. which too should be transferred to Chrome.
mozilla firefox download

Know How to Download Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

Need a free and open source web browser that works on standard operating systems, like Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android, and are simple to use? Mozilla Firefox can be a good choice! Created in 2002, under the name "Phoenix" by the Mozilla community, Firefox has grown to become one of the most popular browsers of today. But do you know how to download Mozilla Firefox on your system?
mozilla firefox history

How Mozilla Firefox Evolved?

Firefox comes with features that give it an edge. For example, every Chrome browser looks nearly identical. Other than concealing specific toolbars or removing a few icons next to the address bar, the most you can do is skin the title bar and tabs. Firefox can be highly customisable, and it is also better for battery life, in case of laptops and portable smart devices. But do you the history of Firefox or How it evolved?

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