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How to access the Google Chrome Task Manager?

Google Chrome Task Manager provides a list of all the active web pages in your browser, along with the details about each. The details include statistics like the network usage, amount of memory and CPU being used by a site or process. Through the Task Manager, you can get to know about the webpage that is hogging and causing a problem as it shows the extension of such a page. Once identified, such web pages can easily be killed.

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How to access the Guest Mode on Google Chrome

Has it ever happened to you that you lent your computer to someone for a short time and when you got it back, the settings in your Google Chrome Browser were in a mess? They might have logged you out of your e-mail, social network or website accounts and signed-in to theirs, or, might have searched words that now show up as suggested searches when you use your browser.

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How to Clear Cache and Cookies in Chrome?

Would you like it if you had to log in to your frequently visited websites each time you visit it? Or if your saved items in an online shopping cart were dumped each time you shut the site? No right!? This is precisely the reason why cookies are an essential part of your web browser. But occasionally you may like to clear cache and cookies in Chrome. Why? Reason is simple as they are stored on your hard drive and could pose security breach in near future.

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How to Activate Incognito Mode in Chrome on iPhone?

Chrome preserves your browsing history by keeping a log of all the web pages you visited while surfing the internet. But what if you want to go on a searching spree and never get traced? Maybe you don’t wish Chrome to create and save a log of where all you went on the internet or suggest you keywords from browsing history! The only way to accomplish is by activating incognito mode in Chrome.

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How to Manage Google Chrome Autofill Settings?

Filling out your personal information, such as name, age, address, etc., on the internet could be tiring and annoying. Also, there is a chance to commit a mistake. But you can avoid all these hassles if you are using Google Chrome. Yes, Chrome has Autofill settings, which stores your details whenever you fill out your information on different websites. But it has demerits too since if you enter wrong data even once then the same error will be repeated in the future. Later in this article, we will see how to manage Chrome Autofill settings.

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How to Make Chrome Full Screen?

You may like Google Chrome in full screen mode to see more of its content. Chrome full screen mode also enables you to see the complete website in one window. Nowadays, almost all site is mobile responsive, and the moment the browser window is restored other than full screen mode, the web page is skewed into its mobile version.

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How to Show the Google Chrome Bookmarks Bar?

You can import all favourite bookmarks to Google Chrome and always show the bookmarks bar. But sometimes, it does not show up or disappears. You can either head to settings and access the bookmarks or perform few configuration to show the bookmarks bar right on Chrome browser.

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How to Set Homepage in Chrome?

By default, Google Chrome comes with a blank homepage or Google search bar. But how to set homepage in Chrome per our requirement? In fact, you have three options to set up when this browser launches. The options are Open the New Tab page, Continue where you left off and Open a specific page or set of pages.

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How to Show Chrome Home Button?

As on date, Google Chrome has become the most used and versatile internet browser. It has a range of functions and settings to play around. One of such configuration is Chrome Home Button. Chrome default settings do not have this option enabled.

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