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sore gums

Do You Have Sore Gums? – Keep a Check On Your Oral Habits

Usually, bad oral habits are the primary factors that impair the health of the gums. Other main causes of sore gums are improper brushing, smoking, & bad diet.
vitamins for teeth and gums

5 Essential Minerals & Vitamins for Teeth & Gums

A good diet with proper proportions of proteins, vitamins, and minerals plays a crucial role in strengthening the gums and teeth.
Gums Irritation - Self-Inflicted Traumatic Injuries

Gums Irritation – Self-Inflicted Traumatic Injuries & Treatment

You can experience self-inflicted injury to gums due to carelessness, some unintentional habit, and psychological disorder. All these injuries to gums result in irritated gums.
Red Gums in Females

What Causes Red Gums in Females? – Let’s Find Out

International Journal of Dentistry revealed that hormonal fluctuations during five significant phases of a female’s life severely affect the health of the gums.
healthy baby gums

How to Take Care of Your Baby’s Gums & Teeth?

Oral care starts even before the eruption of the primary teeth. Healthy gums of baby contribute to healthier smile while teething.
White Gums

White Gums – Various Causes with Treatment Options

White gums or white patches or spots on the gums could mean many things. It could be a mild condition like gingivitis or an indication of a systemic disorder like anemia. The whiteness can also be a symptom of a more severe illness like leukoplakia or oral cancer. Therefore, you should visit your dentist right away if you notice any such patches.

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