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Ayurvedic Hair Fall Treatment – The Natural Way

Hair is a beautiful gift by nature that requires extra care and nurture. Ayurveda understands the relation between human and nature and gives us many golden pieces of advice, which could be followed in our day to day life to prevent hair fall without any side effects.

10 Best Natural Remedies for Thinning Hair

There are plenty of natural remedies for thinning hair that can restore your hair to its former crowning glory. Some of such these natural home remedies are massage, stress reduction, application oils such as coconut oil, etc.

13 Natural Hair Loss Cure Options Which You Can Do at Home

There is no silver bullet as hair loss cure. Hair loss treatment depends on hair fall cause. Common hair fall causes are ageing, hormonal imbalance, protein deficiency, infection, stress, etc. Natural hair fall cure includes fish oil, coconut oil massage, onion hair mask, vitamin supplements, green tea, etc.

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