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How to Activate Google Chrome Incognito Mode on iPad?

Google Chrome has a secret mode which is also known as Incognito mode. This mode is not enabled by default. Chrome incognito mode allows you to browse secretly, without getting your browsing history saved in the browser. You can turn on this mode on your iPad while surfing the internet.

How to Activate Private or Incognito Mode in Dolphin Browser on iOS Devices?

The ‘Private Mode’, ‘Private Browsing’ and ‘Incognito Mode’ are all synonyms for a feature that several web browsers provide to make your searches more secure and secret. Read on to know more about the Dolphin browser incognito mode on your iOS devices.

How to Activate Incognito Mode in Chrome on iPhone?

Chrome preserves your browsing history by keeping a log of all the web pages you visited while surfing the internet. But what if you want to go on a searching spree and never get traced? Maybe you don't wish Chrome to create and save a log of where all you went on the internet or suggest you keywords from browsing history! The only way to accomplish is by activating incognito mode in Chrome.

How to Activate Incognito Mode in Different Browsers?

Sometimes you would not want to be watched upon while browsing the internet or want someone to trace back your browsing history. Not just that, if you want to login to multiple email accounts at once, or you're using someone else's device and don't want your details to get saved or just searching for a present for your wife and want to keep it a secret. Well, you've one solution to do all these things smoothly, and it's called the browser incognito mode feature or private browser mode.

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