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Infant oral health care

A Guide to Safe and Effective Infant Oral Health Care

Infant dental health care begins right from the time the baby is born. It is crucial for parents to learn and have knowledge about preventive oral care methods.
When do Babies Start Laughing

When do Babies Start Laughing? How to Giggle Them?

It may take from 3-4 months for a baby to respond by laughter. Usually, it is initiated by a physical stimulus like tickling. At about 5-6 months of age, babies may respond to visual stimulus.
newborn mouth care

Newborn’s Mouth Care – Must Know for Every Parent

An infant does not have teeth, but still, you can clean the gums with your finger. Later on, after the appearance of the tooth, brushing becomes one of the important measures to maintain the hygiene. Likewise, you have to be watchful of habits like thumb sucking or any abnormal growth in the mouth of your baby such as Bohn's nodules, Epstein pearls, etc.
How to Get Baby to Sleep in Crib

How to Get Baby to Sleep in Crib? – 7 Tips to Help You...

New parents often find it difficult getting their baby to sleep in the crib. The common question of any new parents is how to get baby to sleep in a crib? Your baby might sleep well in your arms but not in the crib. Make the crib more like mom, Start with short naps, Be with your baby when he is crib

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