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dynamic IP address

What is Dynamic IP Address? Static vs Dynamic

A dynamic IP address is a temporary Internet Protocol (IP) address which is allotted to a computing system and can change with time. Dynamic IP addresses are usually implemented by ISPs and networks having a large number of connecting clients or end-nodes.
change ip address

Do You Want to Change Your IP Address? Find How?

The IP address is a unique address assigned to devices on the network. There can be several reasons why you may want to change it including hiding your identity or accessing location restricted content.
What is an IP Address Conflict

What is an IP Address Conflict & How to Resolve it?

The IP address is used as an identification and no two devices should have the same IP address. However, sometimes, multiple devices erroneously get assigned the same IP address which leads to an IP address conflict. The device in question could be a computer, mobile phone, or a network adapter.
TCP IP Reference Model - 4 Layers of Communication

TCP/IP Reference Model – Basics of Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol

TCP/IP reference model or internet protocol suite consists of a set of protocols as TCP (Transport Control Protocol) and IP (Internet Protocol). TCP/IP model defines internet or similar computer networks. Unlike OSI model, which has seven layers of communication, it has only four layers of communication as Application Layer, Transport Layer, Internet Layer and Link Layer.
How to Find Router IP Address

How to Find Router IP Address

Be it home or office; you must have faced a situation where you go on a mission of finding your router IP address. It becomes more difficult if you are from a non-IT background. In reality, it is quite easy to find router IP address. But, before we start, let us clear some basics.
what is my ip address

What is My IP Address?

What is my IP address? Are you looking for ways to know the Public IP Address of your Router? You do not have any control over public IP address as it is set by your ISP provider. When you open this page, it will tell you your router's public IP address, provided you are on the same network.

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