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maca root benefits

11 Maca Root Benefits on Health With Dosage & Precautions

Maca root or Lepidium Meyenii is also known as Peruvian ginseng. This biennial plant, native to Peru and Bolivia. Maca root benefits health in several ways such as by improving blood flow, boosting libido & fertility & treating symptoms of menopause
maca root benefits

Maca Root – Nutrition, Benefits, Precautions & Consumption Guidelines

Maca root or Lepidium meyenii is a biennial plant from the high Andes of Peru. It is an herb from crucifer family which is well known for its radish or turnip-like appearance. Maca benefits our health such as it acts antioxidants, helps in relieving menopausal symptoms, improves sex-related hormones, etc.

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