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My network places

Working With “My Network Places” in Windows

My Network Places is a network browser available in Windows XP and earlier versions of Windows that displays the network connectivity of your computer. In the later versions, it got renamed to “Network.”
network performance

How is Network Performance Measured?

Network performance refers to measures of service quality of a network as seen by the end-user. Network speed is sometimes synonymous with the performance of a network. Bandwidth, latency, jitter are some of the metrics which affect network performance.
computer networking basics

Computer Networking Basics – Learn With Real Life Examples

To understand the computer networking basics, you need to understand at least a few important things such as computer network architecture, basic building blocks of any computer network, such as routers, network switches, IP address, DNS, etc., different communication models and services.
network sniffer software

Network Sniffer Software – Learn Basics, Types & N/w Sniffing Tools

Network sniffing is a method to monitor & analyze data packets being communicated over a network. It is also called snooping, packet sniffing, network probing, etc. Network sniffing can be done for both ethical & unethical reasons. Some network sniffer software are wireshark, tcpdump, snort, capsa, etc.
computer network speed

Computer Network Speed – Learn the Fundamentals

Computer network speed depends on several factors such as bandwidth, latency, hardware, software, etc. In a layman language, computer network speed could be the time required to open a web page or stream an online movie.
what is netbios

What is NetBIOS & Its Characteristics?

NetBIOS is an abbreviation that stands for Network Basic Input Output System. It is an industry standard that facilitates communication between devices on a LAN. It operated on the session layer (Layer 5) of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model. NetBIOS uses ports 137, 138 & 139 for communication

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