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4 Month Sleep Regression

4 Month Sleep Regression- Everything You Need to Know to Overcome it

Has your four-month-old baby who used to sleep soundly through the night suddenly become overactive? Have his sleeping habits changed drastically? Don’t run to your paediatrician yet; this is most probably the 4 month sleep regression. Let's find out the common signs of 4 month sleep regression and also ways to overcome it.
develop reading habit in your child

How to Encourage Reading Habit in Children? – 13 Ways

Developing a good reading habit during early childhood is considered to be of prime importance. Not only does it help the children academically, but it also helps them in many other aspects of their life. Reading helps children improve their vocabulary and stimulates their imagination. So, how can we cultivate good reading habits in our children?
prevent children gadget addiction

How to Prevent Gadget Addiction in Kids? – 8 Ways

The primary purpose of any gadget is to make our life easier. For sure, gadgets like tablets and smartphones have made our lives simpler, but we can not disagree with the fact that more and more children are getting addicted to these devices. Let's see how to get rid of child's gadget addiction.
Blue Whale Challenge Game

Blue Whale Challenge – Guide for Parents, Teachers, and Friends

“It is sad to see young boys and girls falling victims to this self-destructive game – blue whale challenge. In case you notice any symptom in any child, you can report the incidence on Childline at telephone number – 1098.” - Maneka Gandhi (Union Minister for Women & Child Development)

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