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How to Add Edit & Delete Safari Bookmarks

Know How to Add, Edit & Delete Bookmarks in Safari

While surfing the internet on Safari, you must have come across web pages that you want to save for a later reference. You can keep these pages as Safari bookmarks and revisit them quickly with just a few clicks. In short, Bookmarks helps you work smoothly and find things conveniently. Read on to know how you can manage your bookmarks on Safari browser.
How to Disable JavaScript in Safari for iPhone and iPod Touch

Know How to Disable JavaScript in Safari for iPhone & iPod Touch

f you are an iPhone or iPod touch owner, then you must have faced situation where you wanted to disable JavaScript while you use Safari. Reasons could be many such as development or web vulnerability issues. JavaScript, a uniform, cross-platform, scripting language is frequently used in web browsers to build interactive applications for dynamic web pages.
how to add safari shortcut icon on iphone homescreen

How to Create a Safari Shortcut on Your iPhone Home Screen?

If you tend to frequently visit any web page or website in Safari browser on your iPhone, then it surely makes sense to create shortcut on your iPhone home screen. The reason is simple, it will save time by providing you one click-option to open your desired website.
Change Safari Default Search Engine

How to Change Safari Default Search Engine?

Default search engine carries out web searches directly from the web browser address bar, without having any need to open individual search engine website. You may use any other search engine by first visiting its site and then searching for your keywords. But it is preferred that your set your favourite search engine as your default search engine for convenience and saving time. Let's see how to set Safari default search engine per your choice.
Manage History of Safari Browser on iPad

How to Manage History of Safari Browser on iPad?

Knowing how to manage browsing history and data in Safari web browser on your iPad is simple and can make your work very easy. Read on to understand how.
add website shortcut on ipad home screen

How to Add Safari Website Shortcut on Home Screen of iPad?

Bookmarking still requires you to open the browser and look for the bookmarked site. In short, the process is too cumbersome if you are a regular visitor to any popular web page. How about making the whole process a One-Click affair, where you create a shortcut of your favourite web page on your iPad’s home screen. The website shortcut gels well with the regular app icons and thus will not ruin the homogeneity of the home screen.

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