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Miley Cyrus Net Worth

How did Miley Cyrus Net Worth reach an impressive $160M

Miley Cyrus' net worth has been estimated to be $160 million. She was placed at the 17th position on the Celebrity 100 list presented by Forbes in 2014. Cyrus has come back to the Forbes Celebrity 100 following four-year nonattendance. Presently the pop artist is altogether grown up and pursuing discussion every step of the way. Her twerking at the famous "MTV Video Music Awards" stunned numerous individuals who still consider Cyrus to be a young lady however the consideration helped record deals.
Ariana Grande Net Worth

Ariana Grande Net Worth: How has the singer earned her riches?

The American performing artist, Ariana Joan Grande has accumulated a net worth of $35 million. The Car accumulation of Ariana Grande isn't colossal. She claims few of the best extravagance autos on the planet. The Car brands contended by Ariana Grande incorporate Porsche, Nissan, Bentley and Mercedes. Ariana Grande claims an extravagance loft in upscale New York. Ariana Grande purchased this loft in 2014. The assessed estimation of this land property is $2.2 Million.
Lady Gaga Net Worth

One of the Greatest Names in Music Industry: Lady Gaga Net Worth is $280M

The ‘Jingle Bell Ball’ star and ‘Applause’ singer, Lady Gaga's estimated net worth is $280 million. Since ascending to standard notoriety in the late 2000s, Gaga has stayed one of the greatest names in the music business, pushing limits with her over-the-top exhibitions and design decisions. She utilised both her renowned voice and style to make millions. Apparently, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, Drove Airship and Elton John, had a massive effect on her youth
Dolly Parton Net Worth

How Dolly Parton Net Worth reached a massive $500 Million

Dolly Parton’s net worth estimates at $500 million. Parton has managed to earn her wealth through her album sales, concert tours, and royalties received from her album sales. She was also named as the wealthiest country music star in 1998 by Nashville Business. Grown up in a low-income family condition, Parton is known to be a down to earth person.
Paul McCartney Net Worth

The Beatles Legend: Paul McCartney Net Worth

Paul McCartney, who gained worldwide fame through his band The Beatles and who later went on to perform solo, is one of the richest music artists in the world with a net worth estimated at a whopping $1.28 billion. The 75 years old composer is one of the most active musicians for his age. Sir James Paul McCartney was born in Liverpool, England. He attended Stockton Wood Road Primary School and later transferred to Joseph Williams Junior School in Belle Vale.
Selena Gomez Net Worth

How Selena Gomez Net Worth reached a massive $60M mark

Selena Gomez Net Worth: $60 Million. The American on-screen character, vocalist and musician has collected her total assets through her singing, songwriting, and acting vocation that she started in 2002. Did you know that for "Wizards of Waverly Place," she was paid $30,000 per scene?

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